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Kalu Khani Thalee

Kalu Khani Thalee

Kalu Khani Thalee, special and traditional dish of the people of Peshawar is used on many special occasions and weddings. It enhances the beauty of the food presented on the blissful moments.


Kalu khan was a villager from Sawabi District who made this Thalee first time.The people of that village are expert in making this thalee which is sent to other cities from that there. Thaalee is made up of clay which is another fame of Peshawar.

Special Occasions and weddings

This is a kind of  “Thaal” (a big dish of round shape) and in weddings people use it to dish out the food and decorate the thalee with beautiful and creative art work. For the presentation of the food or to make the food more presentable people serve it in the Thalee. On special occasions people serve the food in this thalee to their guests.

Value of Thalee in These Days

Nowadays Kalu Khani Thalee is used very rarely these days as the people making the original Thalee are out of the scene now. The villagers, who are not expert in making traditional Thaali, are charging more for the Thalee. So the people are no more interested in buying it. But still there are many people who love to eat in this Thalee to celebrate the traditions, cultures and sweet memories of their forefathers.

Used in Restaurants

Kalu Khani Thalee is still being used in the old and traditional restaurants in Peshawar. Almost 5 to 6 persons can easily eat in this Thalee. Mostly chicken karahi, chicken handi, tandori chicken and malai boti are dished out in Kalu Khani Thalee. This decorative Thalee gives a special charm and attraction to food.

Art and Decoration

Most of the time the art and decoration work on Thaalee was handmade but sometimes it is valuably designed with oil paintings, designed stamps and other paints. Kalu Khani Thalee is very beautiful with the color combinations and designs forcing you to buy it. The potters work very hard in the making of Kalu Khani Thalee and the tradition should be transfered to the next generations to keep the culture alive.


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