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Kallar Kahaar

Kallar Kahaar

There is no doubt to say that Pakistan’s natural beauty is God gifted, and we have many beautiful areas all around the Pakistan. These areas are famous for their hill stations, lakes, lush green valleys, mountains covered with snow falling, and rivers that the human eye has never witnessed all over the world.

While traveling through the motorway M2 from Lahore to Islamabad the last interchange is Kallar Kahar, that area is famous for its stunning natural beauty with historical value and a tourist’s favorite destination due to many reasons. Let’s discover the Kallar Kahar, historically, location wise, and for its stunning natural beauty.

This beautiful picnic point is situated in potohar near the city of Chakwal on the Chakwal Sargodha road. This tourist’s destination is well known for its natural gardens, peacocks, and a saltwater lake with historical value. From historical point of view this beautiful area has some bad luck, there is no authentic history of this area was found. Just Kalda-Kahar’s words are found while checking the history of this area. One more historical aspect is Mughal Emperor Baber who some time traveled from this area and found a place that was very pleasant and filled with natural beauty. So he decides to stop for the rest and ordered to build a garden. In Kallar Kahar there is a place that is called Takht-e Babri (Chair of the Emperor build with stone).

One thing is sure that you will see the wild peacocks traveling here and there in the hills and their unique sound clearly be heard from there. The best view of the peacocks can be enjoyed from the top near Saint Sakhi Sultan Bahu’s Tomb at the time of dawn and also sunset due to that is their feeding time by the caretaker of the tomb. The Ho Buho (Twin Brothers) tomb is also in Kallar Kahar. The Kallar Kahar Lakeis covering the area of six to seven miles. It is filled with fresh water that coming from hills base, but due to situated in the salt range its water become salty. This lake is ideal place for bird’s lover that migrated from Siberia due to heavy snow falling in the winter season. The pollution free atmosphere makes this town a well-known picnic spot for the local and foreigner visitors.


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