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Kafiristan Valley

Kafiristan Valley

The Valley of kafiristan or kafirstan is old name of Nuristan valley, which is situated in the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Kafiristan valley enjoys a central geographical location bounded by Chitral, Kunar Valley and Alishang River.

In the Persian language, Kafiristan means land of infidels and the name Kafir is derived from Arabic which means infidels or idolaters. Till, 1896 the kafiristan valley was counted in Afghanistan and was known as Nuristan, there two kind of residents, ‘Red Kafirs’ and Black Kafirs’. The population of this small tribe is over 4000 and its spread over 15000 square kilometers at the peak of 8000 square feet from land, it is usually snow –covered.

The Nuristan valley is situated in Afghanistan it was old Kafiristan Valley, but today it is known as Kalash or kafiristan which is part of Pakistan near the Chitral city. The Kalash is smallest group of believers, their isolated geographical mountainous region which is a combination of Birir, Bumburat and Rumbur differs them from the other minorities of Pakistan.

The doorway to Kafiristan valley is Chitral, while travelling to Chitral the most attracting and sightseeing place is Kafiristan valley which is also known as the home of Kafir-kalash, The primitive pagan tribe or the wearer of black robes. The kafir-Kalash valley is 40 KM away from Chitral and the distance is usually covered by Jeeps.

The cultural and traditional wear of people of kafiristan or Kafir-kalash is black gowns; they also wear woolen hand-spun in winters. The well decorated crown on their heads is made up of shells, buttons black woolen material and a colored feather.

The people of Kalash though in minority and living in mountainous regions far away, cave ages but they are simple and hospitable. They are friendly and like singing and dancing. When there are traditional occasions or religious festivals of Kafiristan they celebrate it with music. There religious festivals are joshi Chilinjusht which is celebrated on 14th and 15th May during the spring season, Phool which is celebrated 20-25 September and Chomas which is celebrated on 18-21 December every year with zeal and zest.


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