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The word Kabaddi originates from Hindi word “kaun bada”, meaning challenge and supremacy. It is one of the popular games of not only Pakistan but South Asia too. It is played all over the country with a great zeal and fervor. Celebration days are ornamented with Kabaddi competitions.


The roots of Kabaddi can be traced to the pre-historic era when it was merely an exhibition of the individual supremacy and opulence. With the passage of time it turned into a developed game under the canopy of the governments and the contests started at different levels. First Asian Championship of Kabaddi was held in 1980.Canada is credited to organize the First World Kabaddi Championship while India enjoys the status of hosting the first World Cup in Kabaddi in 2004. It was included in the Asian Games as the competitive sport in 1990.

Kabaddi has transformed a lot since its get-go. It has lifted itself up from the local game to the national and regional level. The rules and regulations have helped it transform from its early form.The World Amateur Kabaddi Federation makes the rules. If the number of the participating teams is seven or less than seven, single group matches shall be played. If this number exceeds seven, teams will play league matches. The two winner teams from each group will qualify for the knock out round.

Kabaddi: the game

Seven players on each side (with five reserve players) start playing by sending their “raider” to the opposite pole who touches as many “antis” as he can while avoiding to be caught on a single breath. When the “raider” successfully comes back without getting caught, the “antis” are said to be “out”.

The victorious team rejoices with the dance on drum beat in the villages of Pakistan. The heroes are festooned with garlands and the enthusiastic slogans of the supporters raise a sense of ecstasy. On national or regional level it becomes a matter of national honor. Supporters celebrate the victory of their team with emotional and national feelings. Pakistanis are true patriots and this loyalty reaches its zenith when Pakistan competes with any other nation in the playground.

World cup of kabaddi is played every year and best matches are played between Pakistan and India.


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