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Ju-Jitsu is a technique of martial art in a disciplined way that can be used for self-defense and attack too. Ju-Jitsu stands to fight against an armed person without any weapons or only short weapons can be used. Our body takes instructions from the brain and acts according to these instructions. So in Ju-Jitsu this message is clearly given that a relax body does not mean that the brain is also sleeping, so beware while taking a negative action against Ju-Jitsu player.

The Ju-Jitsu History

“Necessity is the mother of all inventions” an old, but true quote. So when we talk about Ju-Jitsu we can say that this art or discipline, when the first time was used by a person that will be for self-defence against the other armed enemy. This war art is starts from Japan with an old history of more than two thousand of years.

The history of this game is not so old in Pakistan and it is still in development phase. Pakistani younger generation like that game and we can say that within ten more years this game will become a famous one in the Pakistan. The Pakistan Ju-Jitsu Federation is established and working very hard to make this game popular within the country. Good news for Ju-Jitus lovers in Pakistan is that PJJF is now affiliated with Pakistan Olympic Association and with Pakistan sports Board. The provinces of Pakistan, Fata, Capital Territory Islamabad, and some Government department like Wapda, and police are also attached with PJJF. The federation is working very hard to increase the interest in this game all over the country and for that purpose many trial and training camp have been established in the cities of Pakistan.

The System of Ju-Jitsu

The free style of that game is very dangerous and some body can be injured badly. So to stop this danger and make this game safer the rules have been made. Most of the competition takes place with “half contact” that stops the fighters to knockout each other’s. There are four types of system available in the Ju-Jitsu game and these are, The Fighting System, The Practical System, The Dou System, and last one is Combat Ju-Jistu System the most developed and organized system of that game.

A Glimpse of Pakistan’s Achievements in Ju-Jitsu

Event & Year Gold Medals Silver Medals Bronze Medals
1st Asian Ju-Jitsu Games 6 1 5
2nd Asian Ju-Jitsu Games 4 6 9




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