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Jinnah joins the Muslim League 1913

Before Jinnah joined the All Indian Muslim League in 1913, his political career came under the influence of the Britain where he studied. In 1892, the London Office of Graham’s Shipping and Trading Company offered him an apprenticeship. During his academic years, he came across the British leaders like William Gladstone, and John Morley in the United Kingdom. Also he came to know the political viewpoints of the Indian leaders Sir Feroz Shah Mehta and Dadabhai Naoroji anf favored their moderate visions.

In 1896, he came back to India and took a keen interest in the Indian politics as a successful lawyer. In 1906, he joined Indian National Congress. He became the member of the 60 members Imperial Legislative Council later. He had joined the Congress expecting a lot from its leaders but later on he came to know that it was purely a Hindu body to safeguard only the Hindu cause aggressively denying the other minorities especially the Muslims. He left the Congress and joined All India Muslim League in 1913 and associated with it till his death. He was made the president of Muslim League in 1916 when he took the responsibility of leading the Muslims of the Sub-Continent.


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