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Jehlum River

Jehlum River

Most of the beautiful and lovely sites are located in the northern parts of Pakistan, but the province of Punjab also keeps some places in it which are out of this world. Jhelum River is well-known among all the sites of the beautiful province of Punjab.

It is an exotic site to visit and it has a great cultural value in all over Pakistan. This river is quite large and has a length of 813 kilometers. The greenery on its two edges puts a magic in its beauty. The Jhelum River is also most famous among all the five rivers of Punjab.

The beautiful river starts from the spot of Pir Panjal, which is situated in India. The river connects Pakistan and Kashmir through the Kohala Bridge. This river has only one dam and two barrages on it. The single dam is Mangla dam which was completed in 1967. The two barrages constructed on the extraordinary river are Rasul and Trimmu. The river can be visited in any season because it changes its looks in every season. There is a bridge built on this river used for transportation. Jhelum River Bridge looks attractive at night time because a person can only see its lighting from far away.

In old times, when we look at the Greek era, this river had great importance among the Greek. They knew this river as their god. This river gains tourist attraction by Mangla dam. People love to visit this river because of its beauty and greenery even the foreign tourists consider this river as center of attraction in Pakistan. The Mangla dam was a result of Indus basin project. In ancient times, this river was known as Hydaspes. Hydaspes was a king, but it is not known whether the river was named after the king or the king was named after the river.

The water level of this river has decreased now, but after the monsoon season the water level is recovered and at that time the river looks more attractive and beautiful and it is the time when most of the families visit this site.


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