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Jandi Chontra

Jandi Chontra

Pakistan is among those luckiest countries that have been blessed with numerous beautiful and adventurous places which are mostly used as tourist’s point. Azad Kashmir is the most beautiful place of Pakistan and within this area lies a small town in Bhimber district recognized as Jandi Chontra. It is also a famous local tourist spot of Azad Kashmir. From the city Bhimber its distance is about 17 km and from Mirpur it is about 67 km away, located at about 1000 meters above sea level.


Jandi Chontra is famous for its spectacular sights. It also encompasses the Shrine of the Sufi Saint Hazrat Sheikh Baba Shadi Shaheed, which is very famous in this area and is visited by many local people as well as by the tourists.  This picturesque point is an eastern opening to Samani valley from where it is about 12 km away. Due to its elevated height, this magnificent hill station just not only provides a significant view of Dab valley but also avails an opportunity from which one can easily capture an outstanding view of snow capped mountains of occupied Kashmir. One can preserve this picturesque view through his naked eye or can use binoculars to view it more clearly. It is a stunning place and the habitants of this area are daring, spirited, skillful and very generous.


 Kadiala Road, which is at the distance of 15 km from Jandi Chontra, avails a substitute route to get into the valley. Kadial road goes along the mountain ridges and all the way through thick pine trees that links Samahni Mirpur road in Chowki Bazaar. Due to its splendid natural beauty many tourists spend vacations here and for that reason the region encompasses standard hotels, PWD and forest guest houses with having all the necessary requirements of life. Jandi Chntra is full of life and is loaded with multihued natural beauty. Lodging in these rest houses is quiet reasonable in summers and the visitors mostly prefer to come in summers rather than winter. The land is covered with green and smooth grass. The beauty of this area is commendable, once a person visits there wishes to come again and again to capture the superb beauty of this area, which itself is a master piece.


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