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Jalebi is a well-known sweet item; it is a popular sweet in subcontinent areas like Pakistan, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh as well as in several other countries in the Middle East and North Africa that includes Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Tunisia, Palestine, Egypt and Algeria. In Pakistan these are available in numerous stalls and shops. This is a traditional sweet snack that is admired by all and sundry. During the period of Muslim rule in the Middle East this dish was first introduced. Jalebi was first found in the cookbook written by Muhammad bin Hassan al-Baghdai. It is known as Zulbia in Iran, and it was traditionally given to poor during Ramadan.


It is also a celebration sweet in India it is mostly enjoyed during their public holidays. In some regions of Pakistan it is also used as a remedy, where it is soaked in boiling milk and left a side for some hours before eating. It is easy to make but needs a little practice. The wheat flour batter is deep fried in a circular shape which is then soaked in sugar syrup. Jalebi can be served hot or cold. Its texture is quiet chewy and its exterior is coated with sugar. To get the art of making this traditional sweet you have to follow my recipe which is easy yet appetizing. I’ll teach you ten simple steps and to make it you need following ingredients:


a). Oil for frying

b). Butter milk half cup.

c). Saffron ¼ tsp.

d). Water as required.

e). Warm Ghee 1 tbsp.

f). Powdered Sugar 1 ½ cups.



Add Sugar in a pan and put it in on a low heat. Then add water into it slowly while mixing, till you get string syrup. Add Saffron into it and then mix it well.

To make Dough:

1st Step: Mix refined flour and butter milk together in a bowl. Stir and make a smooth mixture. Add water if required.

2nd Step: Cover it and left it overnight at room temperature.

3rd Step: In the next morning add the remaining flour along with the ghee.

4th Step: Put this mixture into a plastic bag and make a small hole in the end.

5th Step: Heat the oil in a pan.

6th Step: Pour batter in oil in a circular form. To make spiral shapes.

7th Step: after it becomes golden crispy put these into the sugar syrup.

8th Step: coat it well from both sides for about a minute.

9th Step: repeat these steps to make all jalebis.

10th Step: serve this appetizing sweet in a hot platter and serve it hot or cold. Do try this mouth-watering recipe it will surely come out well.

Do try will surely come out well.

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