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Jahangir Kothari Parade

Jahangir Kothari Parade

The beautiful and colorful architectures are considered as a pride of Karachi city. The furnished parade opens door to access the Clifton Sea known as Jahangir Kothari Parade. The location of the parade is exotic and its beauty is increased by fascinating views of sea.

Jahangir Kothari Parade

Jahangir Kothari Parade


Seth Jahangir Hormusji Kothari, the real owner of the site and a distinguished personality of Karachi, gifted this walkway to the Municipality of Karachi for the progress and advancement of leisure spirit of the city.  This masterpiece of architecture has been contributing in the aesthetics of the city for last ninety three years.


The Governor of Bombay, Sir George Lloyd laid the foundation stone of this artistic monument on February 10th, 1919 and Lady Lloyd formerly opened it on 5th January 1920 and she opened the Lady Lloyd Pier on March 21st, 1921.

Lady Llyod Pier with Baagh Ibn e Qasim

Lady Llyod Pier with Baagh Ibn e Qasim


The architecture of Jahangir Kothari Parade is divided into two structures; The Lady Lloyd Pier and The Promenade Pavilion. The Hut has an octagonal seat in the middle and in ancient times, it was used as Bandstand, which is considered that Sir Kavasji Hormusji Katrak, a Parsi entrepreneur, built this most pronounced structure. The pink Jodhpur stone is one of the reasons of its brilliant architecture. The length of the Pier is around 1300 ft and the width of the pier is 15 ft and ends at a 70 ft by 50 ft seaside Pavilion built on piles. The Pavilion and pier both are constructed using Jodhpur stone and Gizri limestone.

Kothari Parade Clifton

City District Government Karachi (CDGK) initiated comprehensive renovations work pavilion and promenade pier by ending weakened and insubstantial play land for children. According to the project plan, the park is to be constructed on hundred and thirty (130) acres of land around the pier and the project covered extensive area on both sides of Lady Lloyd Pier.


This project was finalized and inaugurated on 27th February 2007 by the president of that time President General Pervez Musharraf. This parade was now a newly formed park and named in the memory of the eighth century Muslim conqueror Muhammad Bin Qasim as Bagh e Ibne Qasim. The area of this beautiful park is 47 acres.


Generous and delightful pathways, lavish lightening and delectable greenery outshine this Parade.The views of the park are extensively increased by the Lady Lloyd Pier that tracks in the heart of the park.


Jahangir Kothari Parade is one of the finest places of Karachi that shows exemplary and delightful architecture of yester times.


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