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Itikaf is a kind of worship which is conducted in the prestigious month of Ramadan particularly in the last month ashra of Ramadan. Itikaf passes on a spiritual blossom, by fastening one from all ties of everyday life and through absolute surrender to the Lord of worlds. It is performed by staying in a mosque for a specific time period. One should perform Itikaf with the intention to worship God by offering formal or informal prayers or any other Ibadat. The person who is performing Itikaf should make strong intentions so that the rule, necessitate for the worship act to be accomplished with strong prospective.  No body is allowed to change one’s mind from one Itikaf to another of the same qualities or different.


A person performing Itikaf should have strong believe in Islam, Freedom from mental sickness. Duration of Itikaf can be three continuous days or it could be more or less than three days. If the Itikaf begins from the beginning of a day the two nights in between will be part of the period. Itikaf performed in less than three days is not acceptable. Itikaf must take place in one of these Mosques that includes The holy Mosque in Makkah, the holy Mosque of the Prophet in Medina, the holy Mosque of Kufa, the holy Mosque of Basrah, and the Mosque which is assigned for the Friday prayer in any town or city. It is Ehtiyat, to complete it in any of the first four Mosques.


Before performing Itikaaf slave should have permission from their masters, wives from their husbands and children from their parents. The Itikaf must be completed in the same mosque where it was started. If the person goes out of the mosque without an appropriate cause will invalidate the Itikaf but in some cases like in emergency or being forced by someone or due to some need such as going to washroom or to have Taharat in these cases one can go out of the mosque. During Itikaf one can go out of the mosque to take part in the funeral of a deceased or can visit someone in poor health. If the bath is available in the mosque one should not go out of the mosque to take bath.


The act of performing Itikaf is optional. There are several things that should be avoided during itikaf such as having sex, kissing or playing with someone’s wife must be prohibited, should not apply perfumes, even during Itikaf the contracts of selling and buying is not allowed. However every one should try to perform Itikaf by following all of its rules so it may be accepted by Allah.


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