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Islamic Art & Craft

Islamic Art & Craft

The concept of Islamic art is somewhat different, but it has played a huge role in the fields of architecture, paintings, handicrafts, calligraphy, pottery and music. Islamic art is something associated with the beliefs of Muslims. It is being done in sub-continent from millions of years and still it has its own importance in our country.

People appreciate this art related to Islam more than any other art form so it must be said that this art has gained great attraction in Pakistan. Creativity in the context of Islam has a different meaning.

The beautiful Islamic art is done in various forms in Pakistan. The most popular form of Islamic art is Calligraphy. It is done in Pakistan on a large scale because of the quantity of Muslims in this country. Pakistan had many great calligraphers in previous decades like Gull gee and Sadeqain. Calligraphy is a kind of handwriting known for its strokes and curves. The data used in making doing this beautiful form of art is meaningful and peaceful. If we take a look around, then we can see many examples of this Calligraphy like Badshahi Mosque and Taj Mahal as Muslim calligraphers made these simple buildings remarkable with their Calligraphy skills.

Apart from Calligraphy we can find many other Islamic art pieces that promote Islamic culture and were created in a stunning way by Muslim craftsmen. Still, Pakistan has many Muslim craftsmen that produce such pieces of Islamic arts, which create an eye-catching delight. The Islamic art of glass also plays a significant role in all the Islamic art forms. This glass art has a great influence on European trade. It is done with great interest in many countries including Pakistan. These glasses of Islamic art can be used in many ways. They can be used as a window glass or simply a decoration item.

Moreover, Pakistan also produces different crafts related to Islam that show the level of interest of Pakistani people in Islamic art. Islamic wooden crafts are very popular among Pakistani people and can be found in every home of the country. People love to get these craft pieces for their homes. Apart from Islamic wooden crafts, pieces of Islamic metal carving also have their own importance. These metal pieces are also placed in different exhibitions and are exported to other countries. You can get this art done on any object.

Muslim architecture is also quite famous in this country as well as in other foreign countries. The people outside still praise this and in Muslim countries this architecture plays a main role. So, it must be said that Pakistan is one of those countries, that play a huge part in Islamic art and has given the best Islamic architects, artists and craftsmen to the world.

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