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International Islamic University

International Islamic University

In Pakistan, the institute of Islamic learning is known as International Islamic University. On 11th November, 1980 the institute was established in Islamabad. The focal point of the university was to generate such professionals that were imbued with Islamic teachings and can easily meet the needs of the Muslim Ummah. With the proliferation of Ordinance of 1985 the university was reconstituted as the International Islamic University. In Pakistan Islamic University is ranked at no 5 where as among the world universities it is categorized at no 3470.


Within the premises of Faisal Mosque most Islamic Research Institutes are established such as Iqbal Institute of Research and Dialogue, Shariah Academy, Dawah Academy and Institute of professional Development. The university grants academic services to men and women all the way through separate campuses for each fragment. Ever year students from all around the world including Indonesian, Somalian, Chinese, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabian students got admission in this university.


It is entirely different from the International Islamic University in Malaysia. The university comprises of two campuses old campus and new campus. The old campus of the university is positioned near the Faisal Mosque which was designed by a Turkish architect. Later late King Faisal of Saudi Arabia donated it to the university. The area of the mosque is spread over about 190,000 square meters and have room for about 3, 00,000 people. The prayer hall of the mosque is one of the biggest prayer halls of South Asia and can accommodate over 95,000 praying persons.

At Sector H-10 of Islamabad the New campus of the university is located. In February 2003, the construction of the first phase was completed and in 2006 the construction of the central library was completed along with the Lincoln corner. The women’s campus is also established by the university.  There are almost three male and three female Academic Blocks within the university. The university also provides hostel facility to their students for that eleven hostel blocks are built in the campus seven for males and four for the females.


In future they are planning to build fifty seven hostels for male and twenty eight blocks for female and partial accommodation for teaching and administrative staff. In addition to that there further plan include a central mosque and a central library. Stipulation has been made for a commercial center and shops for the resident staff and the students.



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