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Games are being played everywhere in the world. In every game one team wins and the other lose. Hockey is one of the sports which is the most favorite game of Pakistani’s and it is being played all around the world. Pakistan has a hockey team consisted of 16 players. One player is a goal keeper which saves the ball that has been hit by the other team. And other players play on the hockey ground. It is a game of a “ball” and a “Stick”. The team who hit more goals than the other team is considered the winning team of the match.


Hockey is a very old game. It is being played for 4000 years ago. In early years when Hockey was started there were only four teams around the world which play Hockey but with the passage of time, the teams of Hockey have been increased.

Pakistan Hockey Federation

Pakistan Hockey Federation is a national federation which represents Hockey team nationally and internationally. It is affiliated with International federation. PHF

Remain intact with IHF for matches and tournaments.

Players and Tournaments

Manager/chief coach is Zaka-ud-din and coach of the team is Naveed Alam.

The captain of the team is Zeeshan Ashraf and Vice captain is Muhammad Imran. Goal keeper is Salman Akbar. Many tournaments of hockey are being played like Olympics, Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament, Asia cup, Asian games, Champion’s trophy etc.

World cup and other titles

Hockey world cup is being played after four years. Twenty-Four teams play Hockey in the field but 12 teams participate in the world cup. Pakistan had won four world cups. The best competitors of Pakistan are Nether land and Spain. Pakistan had won 3 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze medals in Olympic Games, 3 times Champion’s trophy, 8 times Asian games and 3 times Asia cup.

National Game

Hockey is our National game. Everyone enjoy this game with great zeal. People arrange get together to watch the matches and enjoy the game. Prime Ministers and Governors also go to the hockey ground to support their team and represent their country.


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