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Syed Ali Hamadani

syed Ali Hamadani

Syed Ali Hamadani was born on 12 Rajab-Ul-Murjab 714 Hijri in Hamadan a city of Iran. His father was Syed Shahab Uddin whose link can be traced back to Imam Zain Ul Abedein (a.s) and finally to Hazrat Ali (a.s). Name of his mother was Syeda Fatima who reached to the Prophet (P.B.U.H) through seventeen links. Syed Ali Hamadani belonged ... Read More »

Mohenjo Daro

mohenjo daro

An archeological site in the Sindh province of Pakistan is known as Mohenjo Daro. It is one of the world’s earliest and largest urban settlements and also known as Indus Valley Civilization. It was built around 2600 BCE in the Larkana district of Sindh. Mohenjo Daro was rediscovered in 1922 as it was abandoned in the 19th century BCE. The ... Read More »

Eduljee Dinshaw


Founding Father of Modern Karachi (Philanthropist and Renowned Businessman in Karachi) Eduljee Dinshaw was an exceptional, clever and successful businessman, who amused a great fortune and made an enormous contribution to charities, public service and betterment of Karachi.  He was born in Pune into the Parsi Community, grew up in Karachi and was educated at Narain Jagan Nath High School. ... Read More »

Haji Sir Abdullah Haroon

Quaid-e-Azam with Sir Abdullah Haroon

 Haji Sir abdullah haroon was one of the most important political figures in Sindh and a businessman of extraordinary precise. Haji Sir Abdullah Haroon was born in Karachi in 1872. He was brought up with strained circumstances by his widowed mother as he was an orphan since childhood. He worked as a hawker to support his family. Although he had ... Read More »

Tollinton Market

tollinton market.

Tollinton Market, today nevertheless a shadow of formerly outstanding structure, is located to the east of the Lahore Museum, crossways Punjab Public Library Road. This structure was built to hold the first significant showcase of Punjab’s arts and trades. This structure is of great importance in tracking the urban history of Lahore. In 1864 as an outcome of the industrial ... Read More »

Sir Charles James Napier 1782-1853


The first governor of Sindh from 1843-7, Sir Charles Napier belonged to a distinguished British family. He was born in London and grew up in Ireland where his military father, sixth son of sixth Lord Napier was garrisoned. In 1812, Lt. Col Charles Napier took part in war against U.S. in Bermuda. In 1838, he was promoted to General and ... Read More »

Sir Henry Bartle Frere


Sir Henry Bartle Frere Founding Father Of Modern Karachi: (History, Biography and Services in Karachi) Educated at Hailey bury, the conventional public school for colonial bureaucrats, Sir Henry Bartle Frere joined the Indian civil service in 1834 and was chief commissioner of Sindh during 1850-59. The post conveyed massive powers, because Sindh had been combined with Bombay presidency after Napier, but ... Read More »

Empress Market

Empress market in Karachi

For history of Empress Market, we have to look on Indo-Pak history. Whenever we look at Indo-Pak history it is incomplete without 1857’s Freedom fight as this was the last War which Muslims and Hindus fought jointly against Colonial Government and after winning that war, colonial Government took over the region and left some beautiful landmarks on our land. For ... Read More »

Pir Shams Sabzwari Multani

Pir Shams Sabzwari Multani

The life and teachings of Pir Shams Sabzwari Multani: The province of Sindh, Pakistan has deep cultural roots and a rich history. It has the honor of being the first one to receive the light of Islam and used to be the hub of a lot of renowned Sufi saints, poets and literary figures who spread the knowledge of Islam ... Read More »

Pir Shahabuddin and Pir Sadruddin

pir shahabuddin

Pir Shahabuddin and Pir Sadruddin: The famous Sufi Poets of Sindh: Pir Shahabuddin and Pir Sadruddin were renowned Sufi poets of Sindh Province who have devoted all their lives in spreading the light of Islam in Sindh and all over Indo-Pak subcontinent. Sindh language and culture was made extremely popular and rich by the teachings and the writings of these ... Read More »

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