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Deen e ilahi by akbar 1581


Jalal-ud-Din Akbar (1556-1605), the son of Humayun had three main phases in his life. One was firm belief in religion holding the founding tenets of Islam. The second started when he opened the doors of religious natters and dialogues in which he invited the religious scholars of different sects of Islam in the “Ibadat Khana” (the place of worship) but ... Read More »

Akbar (The Great) Early Phase


Born on October 14, 1542 in the Rajput Fortess of Umerkot during the exile of his father Humayun ,Jalal ud Din Mohammad Akbar took the reins of Mughal Empire in 1556. He was in a war against Sikander Shah when Humayun, his father died and he asserted as the Emperor. Bairam Khan, the military commander of Humayun sheltered him against ... Read More »

First Battle of Panipat 1526


The First Battle of Panipat (currently located in Hariyana State of India) heralded an end to the Lodhi Dynasty. It was fought between Ibrahim Lodhi, the ruler of the North India and Zaheer Uddin Mohammad Babur, the ruler of Kabul. Babur’s army had conquered the Punjab and he was looking forward to expand his empire to Delhi. Babur left for ... Read More »

The Mughal Empire


The Mughal Empire: Pioneer Zaheer ul Din Babur, the Mughal Pioneer was the descendant of Timurids who founded the Mughal Empire in 1526 after a decisive defeat to Ibrahim Lodhi, the ruler of Delhi. He ascended to the throne when he was only 14 years as he was gifted with talents and skills as a ruler and fighter respectively. The ... Read More »

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