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Warren Hastings

warren hastings

Warren Hastings, who was born on 6 Dec, 1732, was the first Governor General of India and reigned from 1773 to 1785. He is renowned for his great contribution for the civil administration, he strive hard to establish an organized system for Anglo-Indian security and prosperity. In 1975 he was appointed as the Administration in charge of Murshidabad, later on, ... Read More »

Sir John Shore

sir john shore

Sir John Shore, who was born in 1752, joined the East India Company in 1768 as a writer. He worked with Warren Hastings and learnt Persian and Bangla. He became Governor General of India during 1793 and 1798, during his tenure he never appreciated enmity and wars, and he was of opinion to maintain the Company’s reputation and to work ... Read More »

The Earl of Elgin

earl of elgin

13th Earl of Kincardine, 9th Earl of Elgin the Victor Alexander Bruce was a British statesman and from 1894 to 1899 he was Viceroy of India. He was a Liberal politician and served as First Commissioner of Works in 1886.When he entered politics he initially served as Treasurer of the Household. In 1894 Elgin was made Viceroy of India. His tenure ... Read More »

Sir George Barlow

Sir George Barlow

Sir George Barlow was born in 1762; he served the Bengal Civil Services and was given the charge to do the settlement of Bengal in 1788.  He was also served as Governor of Madras; he was an outstanding economist and speaker. After the demise of Marques of Cornwallis who was died in 1805, Sir George Barlow became the Governor General ... Read More »

Charles Cornwallis

Charles Cornwallis

Charles Cornwallis, who was the 1st Marques Cornwallis, was born on 31, December 1738 in London, England.  He worked for British Army as soldier and statesman and during the American Revolution he worked as British Commander in the southern areas. He became Governor General of India in 1786.  Among his remarkable works is the scrutiny of British civil servants for ... Read More »

Lord Minto

lord minto

Lord Minto was born on 1751, who became the Governor General of India after the resign of Cornwallis in 1805.  Minto contributed in improvement of Press and Education system in India, during his tenure he faced many challenges and solved them wisely as the head of state. He resigned from his post and went back to England in 1813. On ... Read More »

Sir John Macpherson

Sir John Macpherson

Sir John Macpherson, 1st Baronet born in 1745, was the acting Governor General of India from 1785 to 1786. When Warren Hastings resigned he was handed over the charge as Governor General of India as he was the most senior member of the council.  During his short tenure of 1 year, he came to know that the British army’s finances ... Read More »

Earl of Mornington

Earl of Mornington

Earl of Mornington was the eldest son of Garret Wesley, the first Earl of Mornington.   He joined the Irish House of Commons and worked there until his father’s death, when he was given the title of 2nd Earl of Mornington.  In 1773 he joined the Indian Board of affairs and due to his outstanding communication and speaking abilities his speeches ... Read More »

Earl of Moira

earl of moira

Earl of Moira The 1st earl of Moira was born on 7th December 1754 in Ireland.  After completing his studies at Oxford, he joined the British Army and later he made a tour of sub-continent.  In 1812 he took charge as Governor General of India, during his reign he made great efforts to make the British powers supreme in the ... Read More »

Earl Cornwallis

Earl Cornwallis

Earl Cornwallis The Earl Cornwallis reigned between 1762 and 1792; he served the British Army as a Colonial Administrator. Cornwallis joined the British Army in 1757; he also participated in the parliament affairs and became a member in 1760. After serving the British Army for several years as Administrative Staff and Colonial Administrator, Cornwallis was appointed as Governor General of ... Read More »

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