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Amjadi Begum


          If we look at the history of Indo-Pak partition there are many courageous women who worked equally hard with the men for the separate nation for Muslims named Pakistan. Freedom moment cannot be portrayed without mentioning all these women who are role model for the current generation. All the women contributed very actively in the freedom ... Read More »

Sir Charles James Napier 1782-1853


The first governor of Sindh from 1843-7, Sir Charles Napier belonged to a distinguished British family. He was born in London and grew up in Ireland where his military father, sixth son of sixth Lord Napier was garrisoned. In 1812, Lt. Col Charles Napier took part in war against U.S. in Bermuda. In 1838, he was promoted to General and ... Read More »

Sir Henry Bartle Frere


Sir Henry Bartle Frere Founding Father Of Modern Karachi: (History, Biography and Services in Karachi) Educated at Hailey bury, the conventional public school for colonial bureaucrats, Sir Henry Bartle Frere joined the Indian civil service in 1834 and was chief commissioner of Sindh during 1850-59. The post conveyed massive powers, because Sindh had been combined with Bombay presidency after Napier, but ... Read More »

Empress Market

Empress market in Karachi

For history of Empress Market, we have to look on Indo-Pak history. Whenever we look at Indo-Pak history it is incomplete without 1857’s Freedom fight as this was the last War which Muslims and Hindus fought jointly against Colonial Government and after winning that war, colonial Government took over the region and left some beautiful landmarks on our land. For ... Read More »

Ghazi Ilm-ud-din Shaheed

Ghazi Ilm-ud-din Shaheed

Ghazi Ilm-ud-din Shaheen Ghazi Ilm-ud-din Shaheed was born on 4th December 1908; he was a carpenter’s son and led a simple life in sub-continent before partition. He belonged to Lahore city and started working with his father as carpenter at the age of 19. One day he was passing by the street with one of his friend, he saw a huge ... Read More »

The Earl of Willingdon

earl of willingdon

The Earl of Willingdon was born and educated in England at the University of Cambridge and Eton College. After that he plans to enter in political and diplomatic career and in 1900 he was appointed to the British House of Commons. He was an administrator and a British Liberal politician served as Viceroy and Governor-General of India and after that as Governor General of Canada. ... Read More »

The Earl of Elgin

the earl of elgin

13th Earl of Kincardine, 9th The Earl of Elgin the Victor Alexander Bruce was a British statesman and from 1894 to 1899 he was Viceroy of India. He was a Liberal politician and served as First Commissioner of Works in 1886.When he entered politics he initially served as Treasurer of the Household. In 1894 Elgin was made Viceroy of India. His ... Read More »

The Earl of Reading

earl of reading

The Earl of Reading was a politician, jurist and an English lawyer. He also served as last Liberal Foreign Secretary. In 1918 he served for multiple positions of Ambassador to the United States and   as Lord Chief Justice.  For the position of viceroy of India he left the office of chief justice ship. He was in favour of conciliatory policy and in ... Read More »

Sir William Denison

sir william denison

Sir William Denison was born in London, England. He got his education at the Royal Military College and Eton College then in 1826 he got admission in Royal Engineers. He served as Governor of Madras, Lieutenant Governor of Van Diemen’s Land and also Governor of New South Wales. He was a strong advocate and his education at Royal Engineers made him a ... Read More »

Sir Robert Napier

sir robert napier

Sir Robert Napier was a British soldier and a field marshal. At Addiscombe Military Academy he got his education and when he was 18 years of age he joined Bengal Engineers, and reached India in 1828. For several years Napier was employed at Public Works Department and then appointed of Sirhind before his promotion to Captain. In india Mutinity he ... Read More »

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