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Shah Abdul Karim Bulri

One of the famous poet of Sindhi language is Shah Abdul Karim Bulri born in 1536 in Sindh, Pakistan. Shah Abdul Karim Bulri was born in a Sayed family in Mitiari, currently in Eastern Sindh. He was the great grand-father of the well-known poet Shah Abdul Bhittai. A village situated in Tando Adam Khan known as Bulri, where this famous ... Read More »

Sachal Sarmast


A well-known Sufi poet from Sindh, Sachal Sarmast was born in Daraza which is next to Ranipur, Sindh. He was born in the year 1739. Abdul Wahab Farouqi was his authentic name but was known by his nicknames “Sachal” or “Sachoo”. In Sindhi Sachu means truthful where as Sarmast means mystic in Sindhi and the literally meaning of Sachal Sarmast ... Read More »

Sehwan Sharif:city of Hazrat Laal Shahbaz Qalandar

tom of lal shehbaz qalandar.jpg

Sehwan Sharif is considered as one of the most important historical places of Sindh. It is situated at a distance of 193 kilometers from Karachi on the right bank of river Indus in the Jamshoro District. The latitude of Sehwan is 264,333 and longitude is 678,667. It is a small city which comprises of total population of about 41,500 people ... Read More »

Syed Ali Hamadani

syed Ali Hamadani

Syed Ali Hamadani was born on 12 Rajab-Ul-Murjab 714 Hijri in Hamadan a city of Iran. His father was Syed Shahab Uddin whose link can be traced back to Imam Zain Ul Abedein (a.s) and finally to Hazrat Ali (a.s). Name of his mother was Syeda Fatima who reached to the Prophet (P.B.U.H) through seventeen links. Syed Ali Hamadani belonged ... Read More »

Pir Shams Sabzwari Multani

Pir Shams Sabzwari Multani

The life and teachings of Pir Shams Sabzwari Multani: The province of Sindh, Pakistan has deep cultural roots and a rich history. It has the honor of being the first one to receive the light of Islam and used to be the hub of a lot of renowned Sufi saints, poets and literary figures who spread the knowledge of Islam ... Read More »

Pir Shahabuddin and Pir Sadruddin

pir shahabuddin

Pir Shahabuddin and Pir Sadruddin: The famous Sufi Poets of Sindh: Pir Shahabuddin and Pir Sadruddin were renowned Sufi poets of Sindh Province who have devoted all their lives in spreading the light of Islam in Sindh and all over Indo-Pak subcontinent. Sindh language and culture was made extremely popular and rich by the teachings and the writings of these ... Read More »

Pir Nooruddin

Pir Nooruddin

Pir Nooruddin: The Great Sindhi Sufi Poet: The province of Sindh in Pakistan is famous for its glorified ancient history and has been a hub of many literary, cultural and social activities for decades. The language of Sindh is called Sindhi and its one of the oldest languages of Asia. Sindh’s civilization is rich in literature, philosophy, music and oriental ... Read More »

Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai


Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai Born in 1689 in Hala Haveli’s village called Sui Qandar which is located near Hyderabad, Sindh, Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai was a renowned Sindhi poet, a mystic, a saint, a scholar and a musician. Considered to be one of the greatest literary figures of Sindhi language, his work has often been compared to the famous poet ... Read More »

Sufi Barkat Ali


Abu Anees Mohammad Barkat Ali (Faisalabad) The Sub-Continent is blessed with pious and consecrated people who lit the hearts and minds of the people with their preaching and services to humanity. Since the inception of the Muslim era in this area, they have rendered valuable services towards the cause of Islam. People from different religions embraced Islam due to their ... Read More »

Mian Meer


Commonly identified as Mian Meer, Baba Saen Meer Mohammad Sahib was a well-known Sufi Saint. He lived in Lahore; to be precise in the town of Dharampura (it is counted in in the present day Pakistan). He was from the Qadiri order of Sufism. From many orders of Sufism, he was from the Qadiri order. Among all his famous deeds, ... Read More »

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