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Death of Bhagat Singh


Defense of India Act 1915 was implemented by the British Government that gave a free hand to police to subdue the rise of revolutionaries. Bhagat Singh planned to explode a bomb inside the Central Legislative Assembly that was accepted by HSRA. Initial plan was to plant the bomb but later they decided to throw the bombs and on 8 April ... Read More »

Bhagat Singh

bhagat singh

During the British Raj in subcontinent, many revolutionary movements were held for the independence of India, many revolutionaries became the member of these movements, and among these revolutionaries Bhagat Singh an Indian socialist is the revolutionary that is considered the most influential member of the Indian Independence Movement. He belonged to a Sikh family that was involved in the revolutionary ... Read More »

Walled City of Peshawar

old city of peshawar

             Peshawar is one of the Pakistan important metropolitan cities that is located in the Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa province. Peshawar is one of the old and historical cities of Asia. An old portion of this city is known as the walled city of Peshawar. Many of the walls were built here and during the British Raj, some Cantonments guarded by barbed ... Read More »

Shah Abdul Karim Bulri

One of the famous poet of Sindhi language is Shah Abdul Karim Bulri born in 1536 in Sindh, Pakistan. Shah Abdul Karim Bulri was born in a Sayed family in Mitiari, currently in Eastern Sindh. He was the great grand-father of the well-known poet Shah Abdul Bhittai. A village situated in Tando Adam Khan known as Bulri, where this famous ... Read More »

Sachal Sarmast


A well-known Sufi poet from Sindh, Sachal Sarmast was born in Daraza which is next to Ranipur, Sindh. He was born in the year 1739. Abdul Wahab Farouqi was his authentic name but was known by his nicknames “Sachal” or “Sachoo”. In Sindhi Sachu means truthful where as Sarmast means mystic in Sindhi and the literally meaning of Sachal Sarmast ... Read More »

Walled City of Lahore -2 : Gates

outer wall of lahore fort

Until the time of Mughal’s rule, this city had no boundaries and “Emperor Akbar” was the first emperor who took notice of that and constructed Defense Wall around the city and fort to protect the city from enemy’s attack. This Defense wall was made very wide and strong with the help of stones. Whole city has 12 large gates and ... Read More »

walled City of Lahore -1

lahore fort wall

The Walled City of Lahore, Capital City of Punjab, is situated near Ravi River. In the beginning, this city was 2 miles away from river Ravi but now Lahore and its outskirts are surrounding Ravi River.  This city is known as capital of Punjab from centuries but very few people know that before Chughtai Emperors (commonly known as Mughals), the ... Read More »

Sehwan Sharif:city of Hazrat Laal Shahbaz Qalandar

tom of lal shehbaz qalandar.jpg

Sehwan Sharif is considered as one of the most important historical places of Sindh. It is situated at a distance of 193 kilometers from Karachi on the right bank of river Indus in the Jamshoro District. The latitude of Sehwan is 264,333 and longitude is 678,667. It is a small city which comprises of total population of about 41,500 people ... Read More »

When and how General Zia imposed Martial Law


In a democracy, it is your vote that is count. In feudalism, it is your count that votes. Moreover, in a dictatorship, nobody votes at all. We know that politicians like high buildings because they seek high offices. So, what had been the high office General Zia desired? A politician with a bad back needs a lot of support. Apparently, ... Read More »

Amjadi Begum


          If we look at the history of Indo-Pak partition there are many courageous women who worked equally hard with the men for the separate nation for Muslims named Pakistan. Freedom moment cannot be portrayed without mentioning all these women who are role model for the current generation. All the women contributed very actively in the freedom ... Read More »

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