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History of Zubair Aslam a.k.a. Jhara pehalwan

History of Zubair Aslam a.k.a. Jhara pehalwan

Zubair Aslam a.k.a JHARA Pahalwan, was the son of Aslam pahalwan who belonged to the renowned GAMA family of legendary wrestlers. He had to maintain the prosperity of his ancestors, and so he did by making his career in wrestling.

Zubair was trained under the supervision of different experts of wrestling, while Arshad Bijli was one of the trainers who trained him. He was only 16 years old, when he started his career in wrestling, and accordingly his height measured at 6.2 inches and total weight was almost 211 lbs.

Zubair worked hard and learnt every step of wrestling with devotion. He didn’t leave anything to be called an inspiration of wrestling, following the footsteps of his father. JHARA was also entitled as the expert of ‘mud wrestling’, same as his chacha Bholu Pehalwan. His body was super active, flexible and strong similar to Bholu pehalwan.

During JHARA’s first few years, he brawled his first wrestling challenge in opposition to Zawar Multani, and Multan was the place where the wrestling between the two wrestlers took place. JHARA pahalwan crushed Multani two times. He also took part in a number of free-style completions of wrestling which took place in Pakistan and other foreign countries. The most popular wrestling of JHARA pahalwan was when he fought against a Japanese wrestler named Antonio Inoki, and he took over Inoki remarkably. Antonio Inoki the Japanese wrestler was the one who crushed his Uncle Akram Pehlwan.

Jhara was truly declared as the champion of Pakistani wrestling of his time. He lived in the locality of Pir Makki, and so where JHARA’s training centre was situated. Jhara pahalwan died on 11 September, 1991, at the age of 29 due to breakdown of his heart. There are many followers of JHARA pahalwaan, but we miss him a lot!


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