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History of cricket in Pakistan

History of cricket in Pakistan

The cricket team of Pakistan appeared for the first time in the cricket scene in the year 1952 in a test match. History of Cricket in Pakistan has evolved to one of the victorious cricket teams in the present world.

After the India and Pakistan division in 1947, the people of Pakistan established their own nation and started encouraging the game of cricket in the early stages of development. Test cricket match was played by Pakistan which took place at the conference of the ICC Conference in Lord’s Ground as in 1952, 28th of July 1952.

Pakistan played its first ever Test series in Delhi, India as in October 1952. There were 5 series of test match out of which 2-1 were the points achieved by India. Following which, our cricket team made their former tour to England in the year 1954 and the series consisted of a draw result ending at 1-1 following an unforgettable success in ‘The Oval’.  Mr. Fazal Mahmood beautifully took a total of 12 wickets. Then Pakistan took part in its first ever home Test series which took place at Dacca in 1955, January vs. India, after which four more Test matches were played in Peshawar, Karachi, Lahore and Bahawalpur, and coincidently those matches of the same series ended as a draw.

History of Tournaments

(World Cup)

Year 1975: 1st round

Year ‘79: Semi-finals

Year ‘83: Semi-finals

Year ‘87: Semi-finals

Year ‘92: Champions series

Year ‘96: Quarter-finals

Year ‘99: Runners-up

Year ‘03: 1st round

Year ‘07: 1st round

Year ‘11: Semi-finals

(Champions trophy)

Year ‘98: Quarter-finals

2000 year: Semi-finals

Year ‘02: 1st round

Year ‘04: Semi-finals

Year ‘06: 1st round

(Asia Cup)

Year ‘84: 3rd Place

Year ‘86: Runners-up

Year ‘88: 3rd Place

Year ‘90-91: Pakistan did not took part in this series

Year ‘95: 3rd Place

Year ‘97: 3rd Place

2000 Year: Champions series

Year ‘04: 3rd Place

Year ‘08: 3rd Place

(Australasia Cup)

Year ‘86: Champions series (Twenty20)

Year ‘90: Champions series

Year ‘94: Champions series

(Asian Test competition)

Year 1998-1999: Champions series

Year 2001-2002: Runners-up

(Commonwealth series)

Year ‘98: 1st Round

(World Series of Twenty20)

2007 year: Runners-up

2009 year: Champions series

2010 year: Semi-finalist

Highlights from the history of Pakistan cricket

Australasia Cup in 1986

The Australasia Cup series took part in Sharjah, in which our national hero Javed Miadad was the reason for the victory of Pakistan against India, when our team needed 4 runs on just one ball, and he strike his bat with all his force and it was a six. It was written in the history of cricket.

World Cup success in 1992

Pakistan for the first time won the world cup in 1992. Pakistan was facing major difficulties in the start of the tournament but due to Imran Khan the former captain of the Pakistani cricket team, the players were able to play with their full force and therefore won 5 matches in one go. The final match was against England and our team took over the British rule.


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