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Hiran Minar

Hiran Minar

History sometimes becomes interesting and sometimes it just astonishes you whenever you read something like an Emperor built this building as a tribute to another emperor, or to his wife, or family. However, there is a place in Pakistan, which was built in memory of Pet Deer of an Emperor. Yes, we are talking about the Hiran Minar built By Emperor Jahangir as a monument to Mansraj, his pet deer after his death.

Hiran Minar is located near Lahore, if we travel northwest from Lahore and 9 Km from Sheikhupura, we will be at place known as Hiran Minar. Constructed by the order of Emperor Jahangir in year 1606, this building is based on a 100 feet Tower, a pavilion which is now known as its entrance and a large water Tank. Hiran Minar was known as Royal Hunting Ground in Mughal era.


 This Minar is constructed with bricks and the stricter is circular which tapers towards the top. Top is flat with a stockade wall. A spiral staircase that contains 180 steps was built inside Hiran Minar. Along with stairs, there are rectangular ascending arch openings that are 11. That can provide air and light in Hiran Minar. The minar is separated into 6 levels of distinctive height. The base of each level has anticipated shaping and the lowest level has a curved opening for an entry. The entire facade as well as interior of Hiran Minar is made with emerald plaster, seemingly with some flowery paintings. Lower level of the Minar was applied with thick Plaster and has been divided into different decorative panels. 210 Square openings were left on the outer surface of the Minar with the proportion of 1/40 row.

 Sheikhupura - Hiran Minar - 2009 - 01

On the eastern side of Minar, a huge water tank along with causeway leading towards the Octagonal middle pavilion is constructed. There is a square pavilion with an entrance point at each corner of Tank. The tank’s shape is rectangular and each side of the tank is provided by the ramp that contains a staircase of eight steps.


During Mughal rule, a canal was amended from the Aik rivulet and was linked with the tank at its north-west corner. In supplement, an elegant system for filling up the tank with rain water from the reserve area was developed.

The main doorway to the pavilion is a rectangular passage with a pointy arch border by four other alike but smaller openings, constructed one upon the other.


A walkway, made on 21 pointy curved pillars, attaches the main pavilion with the doorway. A square-shaped anticipated floor has been provided in the middle of this walkway.

Regardless of knowing all these technicalities and story of Mansraj, People of Sheikhupura and outskirts are regular visitors of Hiran Minar today. and by the locals, there is also provided boating facility so that families can enjoy boating, with all this Hiran Minar is the beautiful place to visit in Pakistan.

It is now more easy to access from Sheikhupura motorway Exit to Hiran Minar. It takes 11 to 12 minutes approximately as distance between Sheikhupura motorway exit and Hiran Minar is 9km.


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