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The higher education commission which was the remarkable step by Pakistan Government in the last decade is the active body for development of research, education and technology in the country. The higher education commission was formed with the idea to promote higher education, encourage young generation in order to prepare them for the upcoming challenges and the leaders of tomorrow and to improve the current situation of government sector institutes and organization by providing more opportunities for research and studies.

HEC played a vital role in up gradation of the current education system of Pakistan by 100 and thousands of scholarships to bright and needy students who cannot afford to study abroad otherwise. In return the HEC bounds a student to come back to the home country and serve any public sector organization for about 5 years initially so as to apply the knowledge and higher level studies that the scholar has done aboard.

HEC is also responsible for the development of faculty in the public sector universities; arrange grants for conference travelling in different areas and fields, curriculum revision in universities to ensure the courses taught according to the international standards, providing platforms and opportunities for new research programs and the development of technology parks throughout the country.

The development of such a organization in Pakistan like HEC is called as ‘a miracle’ by Professor Wolfgang Voelter he also added that this is the ‘Golden Age ‘ and Pakistanis have never experienced such advancement and development in education ever before.

According to a recent statistical report, during the last 6 years HEC sponsored 4000 scholars in various field of studies, the HEC provide local and foreign both kind of scholarships it depends on the candidates will where he/she wants to pursue higher education. The higher education commission is equal opportunity provider there are as many female scholars who got scholarships and studied abroad as number of male there is no gender discrimination the selection is purely based on merit and abilities of the applicant.

The other worth mentioning achievements of HEC are, the inauguration of digital library which contains thousands of e-books, research papers, articles and knowledge bases for the scholars, students and teachers, the enrolment of students in public sector and HEC recognized universities increased three times as compare to the previous records, introducing 4 years undergraduate program which I appreciated and recognized by the international universities and higher education institutes.

Due to the economical position of the country, less funding and recession in the economy there were few rumors that HEC will be dissolved and will not be able to operate independently but with some other Government organization as a supporting body, but somehow due to protest by youngsters, teachers and public sector employees around the globe who have benefited or acknowledge HEC as the only active organization working in favor of deserving students to acquire higher education and contribute for the betterment of the country the decision of is dissolution was aborted and HEC resume its great services once again.


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