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Heer Ranjha – A Folk Tale

Heer Ranjha – A Folk Tale

Heer was born in a rich “Sayyal” clan of Jhang, Punjab. Dheedo Ranjha was also a Jat from “Takaht Hazara” a village near Sarghoda city of Pakistan.

Famous for playing flutes as compared to his three elder brothers who work in lands he was the favorite for his father among them. Once a quarrel occurred between him and his brothers and he left home in rage. Fate destined him towards heer’s village where he met and fell in love with her. There he started to work as a care take of her father’s land. Heer was great admirer of his flute playing. Both of them used to meet secretly until one day caught by Kaido (who was heer’s uncle) with her parents. They forced heer to marry Saida Khera.

Upon all of this Ranjha was left with heavy heart. He started wandering until he met a saint near Tilla Jogian. He abandoned the world and became ‘Jogi’ himself. In the process he reached heer’s village where she was currently living. Both of them escaped and returned again to native village to convince heer’s parents. They met success as heer’s parents accepted their will.

However Kaido had evil designs for them. He poisoned her food and when Ranjha realized it was too late for him. She was totally poisoned to death by Kaido. Shattered by grief Ranjha waste no time and took that wedding laddu (sweet) too to die by her side.

Now lovers pay tribute to these legends by visiting their mausoleum in Jhang (Pakistan).


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