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Hazrat Kamal Chishti

Hazrat Kamal Chishti

Saints are the one who try to become one with their Lord by the help of meditation and by working on purifying their inner self this helps them understand phenomenon which are out of the grasp of and average human being. Among these saints, Hazrat Baba Kamal Chisti is a prominent figure.

As the name suggests he belonged to the Chisti order of Saints. This order was formed in Chisht; it is a small settlement near Herat in Afghanistan. This order is known for its emphasis on spreading love, tolerance and broadmindedness to the inhabitants of this world. The teachings, this order preach can be linked all the way back to Hazrat Ali (R.A.) and from him to our beloved Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (S.A.W.). These people are considered the most noble and mystic people of their era.

The early life of Hazrat Kamal Chisti is absent from almost all the history books, although some traces can still be found in some books. Ambiguity prevails as the debate about his birth place continues. Some say that Baba Kamal Chisti was born in a small area near Ferozpur while others say that he was born in Kasur, hence Kasuri is appended to his name. Despite his birthplace what is known about him is that he preached Allah’s message to people while emphasizing on the Islamic aspects of affection, ingenuousness and forbearance. Due to the authenticity and how these teachings turned around their lives, many devoted followers still visit his shrine for the three day Urs held in his memory.

His shrine is located near the Kasur Museum. It stands on top of an embankment, hence the legend that a great flood destroyed the city once leaving behind only the shrine of Hazrat Kamal Chisti. People from all over the country visit his shrine in hundreds, daily. And at the occasion of Urs, devoted followers from all over the world flood in to pay reverence to this prodigious saint. Throughout the program people are entertained with Qawali, Chadar poshi is held to decorate his tomb with dhamal. Among the most popular of Qawali “Ali dum dum” is known to everyone. People from different areas set up stalls to provide the visitors with food and they distribute milk amongst the poor.


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