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Hazara Eid Gah

Hazara Eid Gah

There are different tribes living in Quetta following their religion and have different places where they worship the God Almighty. Quetta is also the place where Muslim majorities with different school of thoughts follows their mind set and Non Muslim minorities also following their religion. They all perform their religious activities in their specific places including, Masjid, Imambargah, Mandir and Church. Hazara EID Gah is one of these places where Shia Muslims offer their Eid prayers.

Hazara EID Gah is the place where shia Muslims in the both Eid events gather and offer the prayers of Eid. They also listen Khutba_e_Eid from Imam. Hazara EID Gah is also known as Eid Gah Asna_e_Ashria.

Hazara EID Gah relates with Hazara tribes, who mostly lives in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran. They speak Hazaragi, Persian and Dari languages. Hazara people by religion are Shia Muslims but some are also Sunni Muslims. In Pakistan most of Hazara people live in Quetta city and they have different religious places here so these places are also related with Hazara’s. Hazara EID Gah is one of the places. It is situated in the large area and almost 5000 people can offer prayer in it. It is situated in the main Alamdar Road which is one of the well know Roads in the Quetta city. In front of Hazara EID Gah on the other side of road Jamia Imam Jafare Sadiq (AS) which is a kind of Madrassa where different religious studies are given to the different age groups is situated. Hazara EID Gah has shops on the both sides which are given on rent and the money taken from these shops are used for different welfare purposes.Some greenery and trees are also planted in the Hazara EID Gah which gives it a natural look. This greenery includes different beautiful flowers, vegetables and fruits. Vegetables of different types are planted in the large area of the Eidgah. Flowers of different colours specially roses attract the visitors and add in the beauty of Hazar Eidgah. Different variety of trees like apple and pomegranate trees are also part of this greenery.

The construction is going on in the Hazara EID Gah for Computer Centre, which means to work for the welfare of youth in the modern society.


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