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Havaldaar Laalak Jan Shaheed

Havaldaar Laalak Jan Shaheed

Havaldaar Laalak Jan Shaheed (Nishan e Haider)

Havaldaar Laalak Jan Shaheed was another gem from Pakistani Army who was awarded with Nishan e Haider for bravery and courageous display of act during war. Born in Yasin village of District Ghizer in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Havaladar Lalak Jan Shaheed joined the Pakistan army and got promotion to the rank of Havaldaar.

He participated in 1999 Kargil war under unit of Northern Light Infantry of Pakistan Army and defended front lines several times from Indian Army consecutive attacks. As Pakistani Army was outnumbered by Indians the commanders of Pakistani Army ordered their men to switch positions while resisting enemy aggression. This helped Pakistani Armed forces to bluff Indians in determining the exact amount of Pakistani troops placed there.

On 1st July 1999 an Indian battalion launched assault on Pakistani Positions with more intensity. They used artillery fire but all of there attempts left vague as the first in command Subedar Sikander (Havaladar Lalak Jan Shaheed was second in command to him) placed Pakistani soldiers strategically.

During 2nd July the Indians launched another offensive to use mist as a cover, the Pakistani fighters moved to secondary positions as there previous ones were exposed to Indians. Havaladar Lalak Jan Shaheed took the responsibility of planting landmines in an area where Indians were consistently shelling. This daring task was required to prevent Indians from further advancing towards Pakistani positions. He completed his life threatening mission with success. Pakistani armed forces now need an Indian advance towards the landmine planted area. The Indians advanced and suffered a severe blow that they were unable to launch any more offensive for a week till further Indian reinforcement. This time they attacked from a very high and steep side of hills which was not expected by Pakistani Soldiers. Though the total of 130 Pakistani soldiers was outnumbered but all of them fought with courage to martyrdom. Only three Pakistani soldiers were left of which Havaladar Lalak Jan Shaheed was senior against thousands of Indians. They fought incredibly by changing positions and managed to repulse the giant Indian attack surprisingly.
On another day two Indian battalions launched combined assault and managed to get closer to Havaladar Lalak Jan Shaheed and his subordinates positions. Both companions of Havaladar Laalak Jan Shaheed martyred due to fatal bullet wounds. From there the courageous Havaladar Laalak Jan Shaheed resisted against Indians up to four hours. Upon frustration the Indians withdrew from their positions.
60 men from Pakistani side were sent as reinforcement to Havaladar Laalak Jan Shaheed. Captian Aamir insisted him to go back to Pakistani base camp. However Havaladar Laalak Jan Shaheed refused and chose to die in battlefield. Meanwhile the Indians started firing from a secret hideout in an adjacent hill. It was difficult from Pakistani side to decimate secret hideout through short range weapons. The only chance was to get close and blow through grenade.
Havaladar Laalak Jan Shaheed despite refusals from commander volunteered himself for mission. During this struggle he got martyred near enemy secret hideout.
Later Pakistani couple of commandos conducted a secret mission to retrieve the dead body of Havaladar Laalak Jan Shaheed. One of them destroyed bunker and managed to retrieve body of Havaladar Laalak Jan Shaheed. When the body was found the Ak-47 of Havaladar Laalak Jan Shaheed was firmly clinched to his chest.
For his heroic fight during war Havaladar Laalak Jan Shaheed was honored with Nishan e Haider the most prestigious award of Pakistan Army.

havaldaar laalak jan shaheed


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