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Hanna Udak

Hanna Udak

Hanna Udak is one of the best and attractive picnic points for Quetta citizens. All the Quetta citizens visit Hanna Udak mostly in summer. It’s the place where you will find many water cannels, tube wells, Water falls and apple orchards. Hanna Udak can’t be taken as the separate picnic point with boundaries. It’s a Valley surrounded by mountains and most of its population is Pashtons.

It’s 120 kilometers away from Quetta. Hanna Udak seems like a happy village away from world. It’s beautiful, green, the hills, the apple orchards, the Hanna Udak residents, their homes and style of living are the main attractions for Quetta citizens. The Hanna Udak is famous for its water reservoirs which are made for the apple orchards watering but the same sources of water welcomes the far off Quetta citizens to swim and enjoy the summer weather in typical manner. You will be amazed to know that Quetta citizens are issued passes from related authorities to enter Hanna Udak. The revenue from these passes is invested for development of Hanna Udak people. Quetta citizens arrive here on large buses and pick ups with family and relatives. Each family brings up their home made food and hence at time of lunch all of different home made dishes is placed on “dastarkhuwan”. This shows the strong family bonds and the mutual enjoyment of family in Hanna Udak. When you visit Hanna Udak, you will see that many of local men availed the picnic fame of Hanna Udak. They have made many mobile shops, mini hotels and Dabas. Almost every thing is available here weather they are mobile cards or packets of chips or cold drinks or the special “Qolfis”. This mini picnic point in Quetta the Hanna Udak is people’s darling. They can leave everything but they can’t leave going to that coolest unique place. Even when you leave for Hanna Udak the way itself is not less then a perfect long drive. The way to Hanna Udak is just filled with different colors of Baluchistan. It’s a typical rural area. The villagers with their lamps and orchards of apple looks so unique and fantasized since you can’t see that type of natural things in today’s fast life. So if you want to see the life at its purest then Hanna Udak is there to show you that.

Additionally, there is a bungalow by the name of DHAK BANGLA. This bungalow is for Army and CSP officers and their families while their stay in Hanna Udak. In recent years one or more bungalows are built and it’s heard that now public can also book the Bungalows for them. These bungalows are fully furnished. They have well managed gardens and they are rest houses in real means. We bet once you visit Hanna Udak, its beauty, its mysteries, its natural grace will call you back. At least for me it’s a place where one can refresh and see the real Baluchistan.


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