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Hanna Lake

Hanna Lake

Hanna lake is one the main attractions in Quetta city. It’s the ideal place for holiday makers. Hanna Lake is situated near Hanna Udak. It’s 14 km away from Quetta. Hanna Lake was developed by the British Empire in 1894 to save the rain water coming from the cheltan hills around.

It is a reservoir for the water but now due to lack of attention by Hanna lake development authority it is damaged due to heavy flood in 1976 and it is not restored yet, the lake dries up to 3 feet which is a dangerous situation for the lives of several thousands of fishes in the lake. As a result of not repairing the lake remained dried from 1999 to 2005.

Golden fish is a special fish which lives in the Hanna Lake and present itself on surface to entertain the tourists. Hanna Lake is beautiful natural place. Its custodians made a lake side restaurant which serves you at their best. You can go their and enjoy a cup of tea with your loved one in peace and sights of beautiful lake. Hanna Lake has a park too. These amusement parks have many instruments of entertainment for you and your children. It includes the dinosaur and horse rides which almost takes ones heart.

You will amaze to know that Hanna Lake is one of the best one in all picnic spot. It has a boating point too. Hayat durrani water sports academy is situated in Hanna Lake. It can provide all the necessities of water sport. Here you can rent a boat and paddles for you and then enjoy the best sailing in beautiful lake of tribal Quetta. The blue lake and sea, the observing and protective hills will let you feel the best part of them. Hanna Lake initiated the chair lift facility too for tourists on the patterns of its usage in Murree but due to an unpleasant accident with one of the visitor, closed the venture for forever. This accident took lives of a mother and her child. We can hope that in future more secure arrangements will be made to welcome the tourists for hipe of enjoyment.

Hanna lake’s another specialty is its high pine trees. These pine trees are found all around the Hanna Lake and the restaurant, which makes it more beautiful and appealing.

I bet Quetta citizens love that venue; it gives them enjoyment, a good view of their city.

If you are visiting Quetta then it’s must to visit Hanna Lake once.


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  1. Asma Batool

    you are sadly mistaken , it was Hanna Lake Development Authority which has spent millions of ruppeess on construction of new bunds, walls and cleaning of water channels pouring water in the lake, thats why lake is filled and people are having fun, I have the honor of working in HLDA and I know we spent over 2 million ruppees for development at the lake

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