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Hand Woven Carpets

Hand Woven Carpets

Pakistan is one of the largest producers of Hand woven carpets in the world. From the past few decades, Pakistani hand woven carpets have become famous, and reached every farthest corner of the world. Only a few people know the fact that the people of Moenjo Daro and Harappa also knew the use of spindles and spun of different weaving materials and the use of woven materials was first developed in that era.

This tradition of hand woven carpets has existed as a cultural heritage of Pakistan. The designs, quality and patterns reflect our Pakistani culture.

This carpet weaving survived in Pakistani from old times. The area at which Pakistan emerged as a country was enriched with best carpet weavers in past days. So, it must be said that this artwork also existed in Mughal dynasty. These hand woven carpets play a significant role in the economy of Pakistan. These carpets are a huge source of earning foreign exchange and the country earns up to 300 million dollars annually. Each and every knot of these carpets is tied with hands. Due to the high price of these carpets, the consumption of hand woven carpets in local cities is almost zero percent.

For making these hand woven carpets, usually children are hired. Well! It is a fact that child labor is illegal in many other countries as well as in Pakistan, but the delicate fingers of children play a great role in the quality of these hand woven carpets. This work of carpet weaving is time consuming because every knot is tied with hand and sometimes each carpet takes half year or a whole year to be completed. This business of selling hand woven carpets is riskier for the manufacturers and they sometimes end up in losing the budget spent on these carpets.

Carpet weaving industry is the second largest cottage industry of Pakistan. Pakistani craftsmen are capable of creating these carpets with various designs, colors, styles, textures and patterns. This carpet weaving is one of the most popular occupations of people of Pakistan and is done in every province, but the province of Punjab produces the best quality carpets as compared to the carpets produced by other provinces. The most remarkable design created in Pakistan is the Bohkara design. The wool used in making these hand woven carpets is of best quality and the wool is taken from the country itself.

The patterns and designs used in the creation of these carpets are influenced by those made in Afghanistan. Afghanistan shares a border with Pakistan so getting influenced is a possible factor. The patterns used, vary with each region of Pakistan. But every pattern has its own importance and is appreciated by other people. The handmade carpets are much expensive than those carpets made with machine so local people prefer buying machine-made carpets. But these hand woven carpets look more beautiful than machine-made carpets. These rugs are made with colorful woolen threads and this variety in colors makes them more elegant.

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