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Hakeem Saeed New slot play real money online Jeu Casino Mystery

Hakeem Saeed New slot play real money online Jeu Casino Mystery

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If we look into the history of the sub-continent then we’ll get to know that how many great personalities were born and died within the sub-continent. One amongst these great personalities was Sir Hakeem Saeed. He was a well-known and world recognized medical researcher, philanthropist, scholar, educationist and humanitarian. He was born in 1920 in the month of January on 9th of January and died in the year 1998 on 17th October. He was 78 years old at the time of his death. Delhi which is situated in India was the birth place of Hakeem Saeed and later in 1947 when Pakistan and India got separated he did a migration to Pakistan. For 3 years since 1993 he was the Governor of the province of Sindh of Pakistan. In eastern medicine’s field he was a renowned medical researcher. He founded Hamdard Foundation in the year 1948 while he was staying in West of Pakistan.

After establishing a manufacturing company of pharmaceuticals in Pakistan he also established Hamdard University in 1991 which is a place of excellence. In 1953 Hamdard Foundation of Hakeem Saeed got incorporated so it can sponsor conferences related to science, lectures, promote learning, encourage scholars and even publish book of scholars. All together Hakeem Saeed compiled around 200 books which are related to medicines, science, philosophy, health, natural medicine, religion, social, literary, travelogues and natural medicine. In 1998 Hakeem Saeed was murdered by some group which was of unknown people and when he was murdered he was just outside the clinic of his own at that time which is situated in Karachi.

Hamdard Foundation that was founded by Hakeem Saeed has played a major and a legendary part in Pakistan’s history of business as its products became daily used household products in South Asia. Its brands were phenomenally successful.

After practicing in the field of Greco-Arab medicines for 50 years Hakeem Saeed was able to achieve an internationally name as a medical researcher and a scholar and for all this achievements Hakeem Saeed was also awarded with Nishan-e-Imtiaz in 2002 by Pakistan. Hakeem Saeed had organizational capabilities and was also an intellectual man. He used to raise moral and social issues and used to always stand against the corruption that was present in the society of Pakistan. People still consider him as a role model for every Muslim. He was like a light for Muslims all over the world.

Hakeem Saeed had a spotless personal life. He used to live with his small family in which his wife was included named Naemat Begum and his daughter named Sadia. He was just a simple and a pious man who never believed in collecting world things and always believed in living a simple life.

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