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Gurdwaras in Pakistan

Gurdwaras in Pakistan

Pakistan is a Muslim country but people belonging to many religions live in Pakistan and they have established their places of worship. There are many Churches, Mandirs, Gurdwars and other many other minorities’ places of worship. A huge number of Sikhs also live in Pakistan and have built their places of worship called Gurdwaras in Pakistan. One of the Pakistan’s cities is considered important and religious for the people belonged to Sikhism is known as Nankana Sahab. This is the city that is associated with the Guru Nanak that is considered the first Guru of Sikhism that means that he was the one who laid the foundation of Sikhism. Nankana Sahab is the birthplace of Guru Nanak.

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Sikhs are spread in all over the world but every year from all the world Sikhs on the birthday of Guru Nanak that is 15 April to celebrate this day that is known as Parakash Divas of Guru Nanak Dev. The Gurdwara built here is known as Gurdwara Janam Asthan. This is the most famous and sacred Place for Sikhs and many other Gurdwaras are also located here.

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Some of the other famous Gurdwars situated in Nankana Sahab are: Gurdwara Bal Lilah that is associated with the early childhood experiences and adventures of Gura Nanak. Gurdwara Patti Sahab is located on the site where Guru Nanak learnt many languages and their alphabets of these languages and the word “Patti” is referred as “Alphabet”. Gurdwara Mall Ji Sahab is also a site that can be associated with Guru Nanak’s early childhood experiences.

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From the Janam Asthan at the distances of 1.5 km, Gurdwara Kiara Sahab is located that is the site where young Guru Nanak used to graze cattle.

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At the city named Hassan Abdal another important Gurdwara known as Gurwara Punja Sahab is located that was constructed on the site where it is said that Guru Nanak stopped a rock with his hand and the hand print on the rock is impressed. In the city of Lahore, many Gurdwars are located and one of them is located on the site of Guru Arjan Div Ji’s martyrdom that is known as Dera Sahab Sri Guru Arjan Div. In a part of a complex housing the Samadhi of Ranjit Singh adjacent to Lahore Fort a Gurdwara named as Gurdwara Dera Sahab Panjvin Patshahi is located.

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Karachi a city of Pakistan also houses many Gurwaras like Manora Gurdwara at Manora site, Adam Goth Gurdwara at Gulshn-e-Maymaar, Gurdwara Pehli Patshahi located at Justice Kayani Road, Karachi.

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All the Sikhs living in Pakistan are free to worship, teach and preach in these Gurdwaras.

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