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Gur Making

Gur Making

Gur is sweet in taste and honey brown colored raw form of sugar. Gur is made of sugarcanes and at times refers as natural sugar. Gur Making is famous in Punjab both in Pakistan and India. The uncontaminated and clarified juice of sugarcane is boiled at the point, where it left in a solid form is called gur. Gur can be said the unrefined form of sugar used in many countries. Gur has got many different names in different countries like in Mexico and South America it is called “Panela”, in Sri Lanka it is named as “Hakuru”, and in Brazil it is known as “Rapadura”. In Pakistan it is Gur and in India it is called “Jaggery” and Gur as well.

gur making

Gur making is not as simple as gur seems to be. Gur making starts from crushing the sugarcanes and gathering the large amount of syrup. After gathering the syrup, it is poured in the large shallow round bottom container. It is then boiled on the heat of 200 °C until all the water from syrup evaporates and when the syrup is about to become paste it is transferred to another pot to be cold. After that, it is converted into small pieces called gur.

gur making process

Many people use gur in many sweet dishes such as Gur waly chawal (rice with gur in it) is a very popular dish in Pakistan. Gur ki roti is another specialty in which gur is mixed up with the whole flour and then is deep or shallow fried as per requirement. Gur ka Halwa is one more sweet dish in which wheat flour, semolina (suji) and gur are mixed together to make a quick and tasty halwa. A drink prepared from gur can be called cooler as people in Pakistan drink it in summer to prevent the heating effects of sun. As gur is made up of sugarcane, it has some natural vitamins in it which are good for health. The process of gur making is natural and no chemicals are used in converting the syrup into gur. Gur is referred as medical sugar because it has so many natural minerals and it contains moderate amount of calcium, phosphorus, and zinc that helps to purify the blood. Gur has rich amount of iron in it that aids to prevent anemia. As compared to plain sugar gur is a compound of carbohydrates that is digested slowly and produces the energy slowly that help to provide the energy for longer period without any harming effects on body.

gur walay chawal

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