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Gupis Valley

Gupis Valley

Gupis is also popular for fabulous natural attractiveness like all other valleys of Biltistan. It is located in the west of Gilgit on the bank of River Gilgit and is about 112 km away from it. The valley is filled with magnificent sceneries and spectacular sights. The turquoise water of the valley flowing by the side of the road and is surrounded by fields and forests portray a charismatic look to the sight seers. A few distances away is Khatli Lake near to the valley of Gupis. Gupis valley encompasses numerous well-known tourists’ points such as Gupis fort, Khatli Lake, stones circles of megaliths, Shingalote village and many more. The valley is positioned 40 km away from Gakuch, Ghizer district.  


Punial, Yasin, Gupis and Ishkoman are the four tehsils in Ghizer. The highway from Gakuch to Gupis gives a fabulous view as there are many beautiful villages on its way.  Gupis is basically an undersized town but is famous due to some historical structures present in it but now the fort is in a terrible state as the concerned authorities has shown least concern in renovating it. Near the town of Gupis there are several megaliths which are still in fine state. In 2nd millennium BC these megaliths momentum were raised and these megaliths are positioned in different villages of Gupis and Ishkoman.



Phandar valley is the most prominent place of Gupis which is famed for its lake and even the River Ghizer that crosses through the village. The language that is spoken here is Khowar and this is also spoken in the other areas of Gupis.  Valleys including Gupis, Phandar and Yasin were under the authority of the Khushwaqate rulers of Chitral. A lot of tribes from other areas of Kohistan and Gilgit settled in different villages of Gupis during the ruling period of Khuwaqate.  


However many casts are settled in these areas specifically Gilite, Burange, Sukhe, Bujuke, Phate, Dorane, Shamshere, Shale, Sarale and many more. The main financial system of the village is relied on cultivation and farm animals. The valleys provides a very pleasing atmosphere to the local residents as they enjoys there evening in the summer near this valley. Still this valley is known by very few people and I think to promote tourism in these valleys the associate authorities should play positive roles in developing these valleys as well as guiding both the international and local tourists.


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