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Gulshan Iqbal Park New Real Moneyslots Games

Gulshan Iqbal Park New Real Moneyslots Games

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Gulshan Iqbal Park has a great importance among all the famous gardens and parks of Lahore. It is a sport stadium and its original location is Sheikhupura, Punjab. It is a recreational space for the people of Lahore and is one of the best spots to visit. The whole park is spread over a total area of 67 acres. Various kinds of amusement points are located in this beautiful Gulshan Iqbal Park. The place offers breathtaking scenes which are appreciated by people and they visit this place frequently in their leisure time.

Every kind of fun activity can be done in this spectacular park. The park is often visited by families mostly at weekends. There are fun rides present in Gulshan Iqbal Park for children and adults as well. It is an adventurous place for people of Lahore and it is one of the busiest places of this city. The most interesting part of Gulshan Iqbal Park is the artificial waterfall which gives a great scene all day and is worth seeing. People never miss to enjoy this artificial waterfall whenever they come to this spectacular place. And if you are going to visit this park, then you must see this waterfall as it is built in the most beautiful way.

The park is located in Allama Iqbal Town. It is named after the famous poet Allama Iqbal and Gulshan Iqbal means ‘Garden of Iqbal’. Apart from artificial waterfall, the park also contains an artificial lake. The most fun part about this lake is that you can also ride a boat there with your family. Gulshan Iqbal Park provides the people with all fun activities so that one can enjoy their day with adventurous activities. Tourists from foreign countries also visit this park with great interest. Overall, the place is the best place to spend your weekends at and you never get bored here as you can get do all types of fun things here. So, if you are visiting the beautiful city of Lahore, then you must add this place in the list of must visit places.

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