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Gulli Danda

Gulli Danda

Gulli danda is a game that is played in the rural areas of Pakistan. Two sticks are used in this game, one is large stick called danda and other one is called gulli that is smaller one. Danda is used to hit the gulli in this game. Gulli danda has some regional names as well. Gulli danda is the Punjabi name. It is named Getti Danda in Saraiki, Iti-Dakar in Sindhi, and Lappa Duggi in Pashto. In some other languages like in Persian, it is called Alak-Doulak, in English it is Tipcat. Dani-Biyo in Nepali and so on. It is said that gulli danda is the origin of some western games such as softball, baseball, and cricket.


Game equipments for gulli danda are two wooden sticks. Danda, a long wooden stick and a gulli small oval shaped wooden piece. To start the game, a small circle is drawn and the player who is on strike stands inside the circle and balances the gulli on a stone (similar to see-saw), but is should be placed in the manner so that one end of gulli touches the ground and other end stays in the air. After placing gulli, player on strike hits the gulli on the end that is in the air so it jumps in the air. As gulli jumps in the air, player once again strikes it and tries to throw it far away. After hitting the gulli player is supposed to run toward the pre agreed point before gulli is taken back by the opponent player. This part of gulli danda is similar to running in cricket or baseball.

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After striking the gulli in the air, if the player from opposite team catches the gulli, the sticker is out. If gulli is not being caught and it hits the land, the fielder from opposite team near to gulli would try to hit the danda placed in the circle before striker reaches to the fixed point. If fielder is successful in hitting the danda, striker is out and if not then striker gets a point and another strike opportunity. There are three opportunities for the striker to hit the gulli and if striker fails in doing so then he is considered out. The team with high score would win the game.


There are so many regional variations in this game as well. Scoring can be done on the bases of distance, the distance between striking point and the point where gulli landed. Measurement could be in terms of length of danda and sometimes gulli as well. Striking the gulli in the air also affects the score. If gulli was hit two times in the air, score would be double.

There are no fixed numbers of players in gulli danda. It can be played between two teams or two individuals as well.

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