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Governor House Quetta

Governor House Quetta

Governor House Quetta is the place where Governor Baluchistan lives along his family. It serves as the official venue of Governors where many receptions and functions are hosted. Quetta is a small city with different beautiful natural places and historical building. Governor House Quetta is one of these buildings.

The 100 years old chair manufactured in 1911 is also in the Governor House that increases its historical importance belongs to Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah the founder of Pakistan and the first Governor General of Islamic republic of Pakistan. Visitors from various circles of society like students of different schools, colleges, universities, Ministers from different cities and countries come to Governor House to visit Governor.

The visitors praise the beauty of the building as well as its historical background. The artistic and historic manufacture of the building is very inspiring and makes it very enchanting. The elegant building of Governor House was destroyed in earth quake of 1935 that levelled much of the city. After the earth quake the new building was built which has the same importance as the previous and is the centre of attraction for the citizens of Quetta. The Governor House has seen different phases from the first Governor Lt General Riaz Hussain in 1st, July 1970 till 2008 different officially appointed governors’ spend and governed in Quetta. Now a day the 20th governor of Baluchistan Nawab Zulfikar Ali Magsi is living in the Governor House Quetta from 28th February, 2008.Governor House is situated in the heart of Quetta city , where other government offices, hotels and General Post Office (GPO) is also situated. This area is also very important because of Serena hotel where different national and international guests used to stay and different ceremonies are celebrated. The Governor meets different official and non official guests in the Governor House as well as important decisions are taken in these meetings. Other then this it is house of governor of Quetta from the date of selection till the end of his time period of the government. The governor will govern and take decisions as per requirement.

So, If you are visiting Quetta you have to visit the Governor House. Make sure you have the special Pass for it. Let us know if the Governor grants you the honour of meeting you. Governor house staff consists of government employees from different departments of Civil Secatariate.These Government officials are responsible for security, managing Governor’s Appointments and even deciding the kitchen menu according to their designations. Governor house Quetta is fun and historic. We recommend you to visit it mustly.


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