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Governor House Lahore

Governor House Lahore

The Governor House is official residence of the provincial governor in each province of Pakistan. The governor house lahore of Punjab is located on the famous Mall Road in Lahore near Pearl Continental Hotel.

governor house lahore

During the British Raj it was the residence for the British lieutenant-Governor of the province and since independence of Pakistan in 1947 it was formally designated for the use of the province’s governors.

Lahore Governor House Arab Delegation 1974

Governor House is the most impressive and remarkable building having beautiful gardens. It is a part of our heritage with various styles of architecture. Different portions were added to the house from time to time which reflects the history of early periods. The pieces of furniture of olden days are still in use in the house.

Governor House Lahore 1860

Governor House Lahore 1860


It is interesting to note that the governor house, Lahore had been built around the tomb of one Muhammad Qasim Khan, which was constructed during the Mughal period. The original tomb with the grave underneath is still present at the spot. Since the foundation of Pakistan, the governor of Punjab/west Pakistan has his residence and office in this building.

Dining Room of Governor House Lahore 1870

Dining Room of Governor House Lahore 1870

Governors of Punjab Province (after the separation of East Pakistan now Bangladesh)

Lt Gen Attiqur Rahman 1970-Dec 1971 Military administration.

Ghulam Mustafa Khar Dec 1971-Feb 1973 Pakistan People’s Party

Hanif Ramay Feb 1973- March 1974 Pakistan People’s Party

Ghulam Mustafa Khar 13 March 1975- 31 July 1975 Pakistan People’s Party

Muhammad Abbas Abbasi 31 July 1975-sep 19yy Pakistan People’s Party

Aslam Riaz Hussain Sep 1977- Sep 1978 Pakistan People’s Party

Lt Gen Sawar Khan Sep 1978- March 1980 Military Administration

Lt Gen Ghulam Jillian Khan 1st May 1980-Dec 1985 Military Administration

Makhdoom Sajjad Hussain Qureshi Dec 1985-Dec 1988 civil Administration

Gen Tikka Khan Dec 1988-August 1990 Pakistan People’s Party

Mian Muhammad Azhar August 1990-1992 Islami Jamhoori Ittehad

Ch.Altaf Hussain 1992-1995 Pakistan People’s Party

Lt gen Raja Saroop Khan 19 June 1995-1996 Pakistan People’s Party

Kh.Tariq Rahim 5th Nov 1996-10th March 1997 Pakistan People’s Party

Shahid Hamid 10th March 1997 – August 1999 Pakistan Muslim League (N)

Zulfikhar Ali Khosa 17th august 1999-october 1999 Pakistan Muslim League (N)

Left Gen Muhammad Safdar 21st October 1999-29th oct.2001 Military Administration

Left Gen Khalid Maqbool Oct 2001-16th May 2008 Military Administration

Salman Taseer 17th May 2008-4th Jan, 2011 Pakistan People’s Party

Lateef Khosa 13 January 2011-22nd Dec 2012 Pakistan People’s Party

Makhdoom Syed Ahmed Mahmood 25th Dec 2012 –incumbent Pakistan People’s Party


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