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Pakistan Firms


Pakistan being an underdeveloped country is widely supported by the government of USA through USAID, as by their funding strategies they have conducted numerous projects to boost the economic condition of the country by hook or crook and for that they have introduced a project related to Pakistan’s firms which was commenced in May 2009 and was carried on till ... Read More »

Pakistan Trade


USAID has commenced several projects to enhance the stability of Pakistan and to make it one of the renowned country in terms of all aspects. For that they have chosen the most concerned sector of economic as the growth in economic and agriculture plays an important role in the progress of any country. In this program of Economic Growth and ... Read More »

Family Health Project


Health is the basic issue in any country that must be treated with full care. As Pakistan being an undeveloped country lacks quality medical equipments due to which the local residents suffer a lot. Owing to that the government of USA has designed numerous projects to handle such problems and to make Pakistan a healthy wealthy country. For that Family ... Read More »

Balanced Diet in Ramadan


In the month of Ramadan our dining tables are loaded with variety of meals, which carry both healthy and non-healthy food stuffs but all look tempting at the time of Iftari to the fast keepers and due to that they keep their health at a high risk. Usually our Iftar tables consist of foodstuff that are quiet oily and spicy, ... Read More »

Rescue 1122

rescue1122 (1)

To provide the emergency services in Punjab province of Pakistan, an emergency service named Rescue 1122 is established. It is called 1122 because it can be accessed from any phone by calling the number 1122. To provide of emergencies such as rescue, fire and emergency medical services, it was established under the 2006 Punjab Emergency Service Act. Today Rescue 1122 ... Read More »

Ansar Burney Welfare Trust International


          Ansar Burney is a very famous and well known name in the among the people working for the human rights. Ansar Burney is the man from Karachi, Pakistan working for human rights for decades and is the chairperson of his own welfare trust internationally known as Ansar Burney Welfare Trust (ABWT). Ansar Burney, in 1980, after completing his law ... Read More »

Chashma Nuclear Power Complex


The Chashma Nuclear Power Complex is located near the city called Chashma which is in Punjab, Pakistan. It is a commercial nuclear power complex. It consists of Chashma Nuclear Power Plant-I that is CHASNUPP-I, Chashma Nuclear Power Plant-II that is CHASNUPP-II, while CHASNUPP-III and CHASNYPP-IV are under construction. Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission operates Chashma Nuclear Power Plant reactors and other ... Read More »

Pakistan Railway


As venous system in human body is quiet important for transportation of food and oxygen. Similarly the railway system of a country is quiet important for public, business and defense system. If the railway systems do not work efficiently, it can paralyze many sectors of the country. However, unluckily in Pakistan, it is one of the most ignored sectors and ... Read More »

Mayo Hospital Lahore

mayo hospital lahore

Mayo Hospital is located in Lahore, Punjab, is the oldest and largest hospital of Pakistan. It is attached with the world’s renowned, Pakistan’s most prestigious and Indian Subcontinent’s second oldest institute known as King Edward Medical University. History of this hospital can be traced back to 1870 when the building of this hospital was completed and in 1871, it started ... Read More »

Prize Bond

student prize bond

Rising Inflation, decreasing economy, unemployment, a person does not find a way out to get rid of these troubles. There has always been a race to earn money by short cut methods, by using either fair or false means. This race of getting money at almost any cost, gives rise to the Prize Bond culture.   Prize Bond, as even ... Read More »

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