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Government College Lahore

Government College Lahore

Government College of Lahore is one of the most popular universities in Lahore. It was established in 1864. It is located in “The Mall”. It is co-educational university. It has been 9 years that the college was turned into a university. The University has programs for bachelors’ degree, masters’ degree and Ph.D degree in a different kind of subjects.


The university has 2 cafeterias where the students can buy snacks, cold drinks, ice cream and other stuff. The cafeterias are very clean and have a relaxing environment. There is a good sitting arrangement with comfortable chairs and tables. The students eat and chat to refresh and relax after a long period of studies. Food is available on affordable and reasonable prices.

Health care

The university is fully responsible for every kind of emergency if the student is going through some problem or pain the staff of health care is always there to give them the right medicine and make them feel better. There is an Ambulance which takes the student in the hospital for further treatment.


The students of Government College are called ravians. The students of Government College Universityfeel proud when someone say them Ravians.


The University has many departments like science and technology, arts and social sciences, Languages, Islamic and Oriental learning and faculty of engineering.


Government College Lahore has a large library for students. In the library the students can find different books like novels, poetry books, plays, newspapers, science books, and other books related to their subjects. The main advantage for the library is that the student can easily collect the related material on the assigned topic. Libraries improve the knowledge of the students and enable them to work on their on.


The faculty members of the Government College are highly educated and they are very friendly with their students and help them in their studies as well as their other matters. The university has both male and female teachers. The teachers really polish the personality of their students so that they will become a better human being in their future.


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