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Gorakh Hill

Gorakh Hill


At a distance of 450 kilometers from Karachi in northward direction and 100 kilometers in the west of Dadu lies a beautiful place called Gorakh hills Station. It is situated at height of 5668 feet above the sea level and is a part of Kirthar mountain range.  This hill station covers an area of about 2400 acres, out of which 1340 acres belong to Sindh and other 1060 acres in Baluchistan. It serves as gateway between the two Provinces of Pakistan. It provides a unique scenery and surroundings to the nature lovers as it is one of the highest plateau of the Sindh region, and as well as a picnic and adventure point to the tourists coming to Sindh. Due to its high elevation from the sea level the temperature here is between 15 to 17 degree that drops to -5 degrees in January and February.


Gorakh Hill Stations have waterfalls and springs of fresh water and due to its beautiful scenes, environment and pleasant weather, it is also called the Murree of Sindh. Gorakh Hill Station is the only place in Sindh, which receives snowfall in winter.

The plants of Alpine, Flora and Fauna are found here and have the capacity to produce a huge amount of Solar Energy and Wind energy.


There are different stories told by the people regarding the name of the place that how this place was named Gorakh. Some people say that a Hindu Saint named Sri Gorakhnath, who has great yogic powers, came here with many of his followers and this place was named after him. Some believe that long ago this place was heavily occupied by pack of wolves, and the word Gorakh came from the word ‘Gurkh’ of the Balochi language, which is derived from the word ‘Gurg’ of Persian meaning ‘Wolf’, and later the pronunciation changed from Gurkh to Gorakh. Some claim that the word came from Sanskrit Language in which ‘Gorkh’ means shepherd.

gorakh hill station

However, the most reliable is the one that is less told; the name came from Sindhi language in which ‘Gorakh’ means a pasturing land, too difficult to reach. This fits exactly to the nature of the Gorakh Hill Stations.


In the winters of 2008, the mountains were fully covered with snow and the Government of Pakistan has decided to upgrade this place to conserve the natural beauty of this land and make a hill station here so that people of Sind can enjoy the view of snowfall in Sind. The city that was just a plateau before is now turning into a beautiful Hill Station.


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