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Gol Gappay

Gol Gappay

Mouth watering…! As you read gol gappay. Gol gappy are the street snacks of Pakistan. In English it can be said a water ball with some stuffing in it. Gol gappa is a round crispy ball that is placed in the mouth and one can be eaten at a time. These are very light snacks. In Pakistan, it is not difficult to find a place where you can have gol gappy. Gol gappay also known as pani puri. This snack has diversity in its taste. People like gol gappay because of its sweet, sour and spicy taste.

gol gappay plate

Gol gapaa is a crispy hollow ball and before eating a hole is made in it by thumb and then it is filled with desired stuffing. Some people make the stuffing of chickpeas, some like to have potatoes stuffing with some onion and mint in it. Some people make the stuffing by mixing the chickpeas and potatoes together. After stuffing the gol gappa, spicy chatni (sauce) is poured on it. There are different kinds of chatani for gol gappay. Spicy chatni is made of green chillies and mint. Meethi chatni (sweet sauce) is made of dried plums. Some people also like to pour a bit of yogurt on it.

gol gappay treat

Flavored water in which gol gappa is dipped is an essential part if this snack. Gol gappa will not give the proper taste without this flavored water. Flavored water can be imli ka pani (tamarind in water) limo ka pani or (lemon juice in water). As flavored water is sour, it is called “Khata” in Pakistan.

gol gappa

Ingredients for gol gappay are very simple. To make gol gappay, required ingredients are semolina, all purpose flour, club soda to knead the dough, bit of white lentils and oil for deep frying. In a bowl, mix all the ingredients together to form a stiff dough. Knead the dough once again after 30 minutes. Spread a light layer of oil on hand, make the small balls of around one inch, and roll it out with the rolling pin. Leave them aside for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes deep fry them on a medium heat until they puff up. Reduce the heat and fry until crisp. For sour water put ginger, mint, green chilies in a blender and blend them to make a paste. Mix the paste with the tamarind pulp and water. Put some salt and chili powder and mix well.

For stuffing, boil some potatoes and chickpeas. Chop some onion, mint and green chilies and mix well. For sweet sauce, boil some dried plums until they soft. Bled the plums well and then pour this paste in the pan and cook it with some sugar, salt and chili powder in it.

gol gappay wala

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