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Gilgit Baltistan Tourism

Gilgit Baltistan Tourism

Gilgit Baltistan Tourism

Gilgit strategically the most important region in the Karakorum and the trade center and capital town. It is the land of mountains, glaciers, organic hidden valleys, lakes and mountain Rivers and stream flows here are full of Himalayan trout. Fishing is the most favorite and famous hobby of the people who visit here.

Gilgit Baltistan is a hot spot and dreamland for adventure and nature lovers. The natural beauty of landscape hidden valleys and gardens of beautiful flowers vast plains of vivid green meadow and medicinal plants. The best season to visit these marvelous and unforgettable moments any one should come here in late July to late August. There are number of valleys having lots of natural beauty for art lovers and historic rock carvings for researcher are found in different shapes especially rock inscribed pictures and writings which are spread all around the region.

There are several districts having their own beauty diamer district is one of them. Diamir district is the gateway of Gilgit Baltistan the area has been important since the pre-historic period and numerous traces of ancient rock carving found in different shapes. The important places in diameter are tender, Darel, Chiias, Bunardas, Gonar farm, and Taikot, particularly in this district are Nanga Parbat (8125 meters) Raikot face and fairy meadow some of the most picturesque places in the world.

Another district of Gilgit is Ghizer; its main centric town is gauche. Ghizer is an intersection between Gilgit and Chitral (both connected via sender pays) Ghizer is a multicultural district and three main languages are spoken Khowar, China, and Burushaki. Ghizer offers attractive beauty and is renowned for trekking and trout fishing. The highest peak in Ghizer district is Koyo Zom (6871 meter) of hindukush range which lies on the edge of geezer district and chitral. Some of the tourist attraction sites in the district are Ishkoma and Yasin valleys.

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