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Getz Pharma

Getz Pharma

Getz Pharma was first established in 1995 and it is known to be the largest pharmaceutical company in Pakistan. The pharmacy is affiliated with the Getz Group of Companies Getz Brother and Co.Inc. Its head office is in Dubai, UAE and placed its plant operations are in Karachi, Pakistan. It has started its services in almost 23 countries and has 30,000 outlets. It is considered to be the 5th largest Pharma in Pakistan. From the time of inauguration it has shown incomparable augmentation in every aspect. As said by IMS, the company was ranked at 195 out of 200 Pharma companies in Pakistan but in no time it achieved 6th position among 650 pharmaceutical companies and acknowledged as one of the greatest rising Pharma in the country.


In the previous five years, the average ratio has improved to 70%. In 2013, the Pharma is intended to be the third largest Pharma in the country. Presently above than 900 people are working in the company, which makes Getz Pharma to be the largest Pharma in terms of human resources in marketing and sales. Due to its experience in manufacturing and marketing it is considered to be the chief of other pharmaceutical companies. Its position is unshakable due to its share in gastroenterology, infertility, herpetology, diebatology and cardiology. In Pulmonology, ENT, Orthopedics, Infectious diseases, Rheumatology and Pediatrics it has attained a strong occurrence. An abundance of Getz Pharma brands clasp market headship in their particular courses including Uniferon and Risek, these are the number one brand in Pakistan pharma industry. Its official website is


In Getz Pharma, only in five months Avertra has profitably implemented SAP BI and business Objects. SAP ERP ECC 6.0 was upgraded to EHP4 by Avertra, SAP ERP AND SAP BIW are the servers which were transferred to VMware Environment.

Uniferon, Lipiget, Risek, Asacol, Ribazo, Getryl, Advant, Celbexx, Gabical, Gonadil-f, Leflox and Rovista are some of its brand and the market leaders. Getz Pharma creates and invents superlative branded generics, make drug dossiers, register pharmaceutical products, B2B partnership, offers marketing and sailing within their regions of operation. Getz pharma aim is to attain a position of management in every fragment within three years of launch in every international market. They are planning to expand their work in other countries as well from which some are Asia Pacific, Central Asia, the African market and the Middle East.


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