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Indus River


One of the longest rivers in the world is known as River Indus, which is flowing in China, Pakistan and India. Its length is about3,180 km. The source of water to this river is the melted glaciers and snow of the Himalayas, Hindu Kush and Karakoram. Monsoon rains also becomes a source of water, but for a limited period of ... Read More »

Chenab River


Pakistan has blessed with many natural gifts of Allah. These resources play an important role in the development and prosperity of the country. Chenab River is one of them. It starts from the Himalayas and its length is 960 km. It is located in eastern Pakistan and its annual average flow in 2002 was 12.38MAF. The old name of river ... Read More »

Pak-Iran Relationships


We can know the Pak-Iran relations better if we go back to Indo-Iranian ancestry, but it is better to count the relationship after the establishment of Pakistan in 1947. The relation between two countries started when Iran became the first country in the whole world to know Pakistan. Iran is considered as the most important neighbor of Pakistan because of ... Read More »

Jehlum River


Most of the beautiful and lovely sites are located in the northern parts of Pakistan, but the province of Punjab also keeps some places in it which are out of this world. Jhelum River is well-known among all the sites of the beautiful province of Punjab. It is an exotic site to visit and it has a great cultural value ... Read More »

Laila Peak- Hushe Valley


Laila Peak, Hushe Valley is one of the most beautiful and worth seeing sights of the snow covered mountain of the world. The striking Laila Peak is located in Hushe Valley near Gondogoro glacier in Karakoram Range and has been known as a major attention-grabber for the tourists who are in love with nature. Laila Peak is not only known ... Read More »



If you are seeing the combination of blue, sea green, gray and snow white colors touching the sky above, you are standing at K2, the second highest mountain after Mount Everest. It is the part of Karakoram Range and located in Taxkorgan Tajik,China and Gilgit, Baltistan in Pakistan. Being 8,611 meters (28,251 feet) high and too tedious to climb up, the proportion of the hikers who ... Read More »

Wahga Border- Indian Border


It is a fine evening and I am standing on Wahga watching the people who have come here to see the place which draws the line between the two nations.. The people are busy in taking their snapshots to make these moments memorable. Some are wandering around to enjoy the bliss of the environment. A deep feel of nationalism on both ... Read More »

Blind Dolphins of Indus River


“Indus River” flows through “Sindh” province, originates at “Lake Ngangla Ringco” high on the “Tibetan Plateau” of Northern Pakistan and flows approximately 3,000 Km before finally going into the Arabian Sea. It benefits not only land and people but offers different wonders by providing Home to one of the rarest species of Freshwater” The Blind Dolphins “. These Dolphins are ... Read More »

Pak-Afghan Relationship


On accords the everlasting relation between Pakistan & Afghanistan started in August 1947 however the bondage of pak-afghan between its people goes beyond Indo-Pak partition due to common religious, cultural, traditional, linguistic and ethnic ties shared on both sides. The common border is 2240 km long and formally known as Durand Line. The fact is that Pakistan’s western border (Afghanistan’s eastern ... Read More »

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