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Durand Line


Pakistan shares a 16, 10 miles long border with Afghanistan. This border was established in 1893 during the colonial regime. A poorly marked and porous border is one of the longest that Pakistan shares with any country. Henry Mortimer Durand, the then Foreign Secretary of Sub-continent and Amir Abdur Rahman of Afghanistan signed the dotted line to form this border ... Read More »

Neelum River


A river is usually defined as the natural waterway flowing through mountains towards another river, lake or sea. However, there is no general definition to define river. Small rivers flowing through the mountains are also referred as tributary, Stream, channel, etc. In rare cases the river flowing is either dried before reaching to another place or is flown into the ... Read More »

Poonch River


River is usually defined as the flow of fresh water naturally through mountains towards the lake, ocean or sea. These rivers are dried or fall into the ground in some cases otherwise no such things happens. Small rivers are also named as tributary, creek and brook. There are several big and beautiful rivers are flowing in Pakistan. Indus River is ... Read More »

Pakistan Railway Map

pakistan railway map

Pakistan Railway Map shows the railway network which runs through the country from Peshawar all the way to the Indus delta in Sindh. It shows the railway linkages of the major cities like from Rawalpindi, Lahore, Multan, and Sukkur all the way to Karachi and Hyderabad. Also the map is useful to for travellers who want to inquire about the ... Read More »

Agricultural Map Pakistan

agriculture map pakistan

Agricultural Map Pakistan illustrates that agricultural outlook of Pakistan. It presents us with areas which are covered with the agricultural vegetation of Pakistan. It shows the areas covered by forest, small trees and shrubs and crops such as rice and cotton. This map is very useful in analyzing the areas that are at the fulcrum of agricultural production of Pakistan ... Read More »

Broadband Coverage Map Pakistan

broadband coverage map pakistan

Broadband Coverage Map Pakistan shows the status of regions regarding broadband availability under the universal service fund program. It shows the broadband layout of all the major suppliers like PTCL, World call and wateen. It also shows a breakup of the whole country in terms of the covered regions by the suppliers, contracted regions to the advertised and the next ... Read More »

Industrial Map Pakistan

industrial map pakistan

Industrial Map Pakistan presents us with the industrial base of the country. It outlines various industries which currently exist in Pakistan and their main locations. Industries such as paper, ship building. Silk, sugar and woolen are present majorly in Punjab and Sindh with some concentration in areas near Peshawar. Hence this map is useful for people who want to analyze ... Read More »

Judicial Map Pakistan

Judicial map pakistan

Judicial Map Pakistan Read More »

Nuclear Map Pakistan

nuclear map pakistan

Being a nuclear power the following map shows the nuclear strategic points of the country. Nuclear Map Pakistan highlights the main locations of the nuclear power plants which are present in the country. This can be helpful to students who are studying the field of the nuclear energy and can add some value to the country intellectual capital. Hence this ... Read More »

Stock Exchanges Map Pakistan

stock exchanges map pakistan

Stock Exchanges Map Pakistan lists the major stock exchanges in Pakistan. It highlights the major Stock exchanges of the country which are in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. This helps in chalking out the financial hub of the country. It is also helpful in terms of showing the provincial capitals and the major cities present in the provinces. By doing so ... Read More »

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