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Panjnad River is situated in the province of Punjab and flows across the end part of Bahawalpur. The river is formed when five other rivers; Sutlej, Ravi, Chenab, Beas, and Jhelum join together. Irrigation channels are provided to the provinces of Sindh and Punjab by the river Panjnad. Agricultural rate is high in the region along this river because all ... Read More »



The term “Language” may be referring to the intricate system of communication used by locals of any area or to any occurrence of use of this system. Talking about language could be referring to either the written mode of communication or to the colloquial mode. With the passage of time languages have evolved into their own universes; with the basics ... Read More »



The word English has been extracted from the name of Angles (which is now known as Schleswig-Holstein). Originating from the Old Saxon and Anglo Frisian dialects brought around by the Germanic and British settlers who came around from numerous parts of what we now recognize as Netherlands, Denmark and Germany came a language known as English. It is a West ... Read More »

Saraiki Language


An estimated 16 million people in Pakistan speak Saraiki as their first language. Saraiki is the fourth most popular regional language of Pakistan and the second most popular in Punjab. Multan is said to be the mother of all Saraiki areas as before partition all Saraiki areas in South of Punjab were part of Multan and were broken to several ... Read More »

Sindhi Language


Sindhi language is a mixture of various cultural languages and most of its words are written in Arabic script. Sindh is a province of diverse culture and everything related to it is rich in historic background. The most interesting fact about this language is that every Sindhi word ends with a vowel and due to this the pronunciation sounds more ... Read More »

Kunhar River


Kunhar River, located near Balakot is known for its magnificence and beauty. The river offers great eye-catching scenes which are appreciated by tourists from other cities as well as other countries. All the areas near Balakot side are worth seeing and river Kunhar is included in that region. The river is situated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The icy cold water ... Read More »

Languages in Pakistan


There are over 72 languages spoken around Pakistani Land. Official language of this country is Urdu and provincial languages include Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto and Balochi. Our official language has the ability to adopt words from other languages and includes various words that are taken from our regional languages but only 8% of the people use Urdu as a proper communication ... Read More »



Pashto is the chief language of Afghanistan and is famous among the Pakhtuns of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (North West Frontier Province). The language is not spoken only in these two regions but its speakers can be found in a large quantity around the world. Around sixty million people promote this language. The language has three branches; Northern Pashto, Southern Pashto and ... Read More »

Punjabi Language


There are uncountable different languages in the world that are spoken and they are also written. One of these languages is Punjabi. Punjabi is spoken by the people of the historical region of Punjab. It is a language that is originated from Indo-Aryan. When region of Punjab is being discussed then north western part of India and north eastern part ... Read More »

Indus River


Indus River is known to be the largest river of Pakistan and is also called as ‘Lion River’. It originates from Tibetan mountains and passes through Ladakh region. River Kabul joins River Indus near Attock. The merging of these two rivers gives a great view to the tourists as a bridge is built upon it to enjoy the beautiful natural ... Read More »

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