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Gwadar Port

gwadar port

Gwadar became part of Pakistan on 8th September, 1958. After survey of United States Geological Survey on coastline of Gwadar Port, Pakistan identified this place can be a port. So this place was purchased from Oman for 30 Lac US dollars ($3 millions). This port was identified as deep sea port and much beneficial in terms of trade as Ship ... Read More »

Pak-India Relations


Pak-India Relations If people of any particular country want peace in their country then they should maintain good relations with other countries. These relations are made especially with powerful countries of the world as only powerful countries can support a particular country but along the powerful countries of the world it is necessary to maintain good relations with neighboring countries. ... Read More »

Pak-China Relationships

pak-china relations

Pak-China Relationships A country’s existence can’t stay for much longer if the country doesn’t have good relations with some other countries. Relations are mostly built with those countries that are strong and powerful in every aspect such as U.S.A and China. Fortunately Pakistan has good relations with both of the super powers of the world U.S.A and China especially with ... Read More »

Domestic Air Routes Pakistan

Pakistan Domestic Air Routes

This map of domestic air routes Pakistan sketches a brilliant picture of the air transport infrastructure in Pakistan. It outlines all the domestic places that are linked by air travel. This is useful for travellers and tourist in terms of knowing which destinations in Pakistan cab be accessed through air travel. This helps in saving their time. IT shows areas ... Read More »

Forest Map Pakistan

forest map of pakistan

This map shows the forest cover of Pakistan. Forest map Pakistan shows the forest outlook for the country. It marks areas and the types of forest the respective areas are covered with. Coniferous forest can majority be found in the northern areas due to the climatic factor. Also the map shows various vegetation’s which is present from the Gilgit in ... Read More »

Air base Map Pakistan


Air base map Pakistan shows a clear picture of the number for air bases present in Pakistan. This is really helpful for students who are studying aviation and the students who are planning to get into air force. It provides a useful insight to the viewer’s for analyzing the strategic position of the air bases in Pakistan and hence shows ... Read More »

Swat River


All the beauty and attraction of swat valley is contingent on Swat River. The thriving beauty of Swat River makes the whole swat valley fascinating. Most of the eye catching areas of Swat are located on the bank of this river. Swat River is formed when Ushu and Gabrial River meet and form a junction. The river is situated in ... Read More »

Zhob River


Baluchistan is blessed with eye-catching tourist attractions. Zhob district of Baluchistan posses the excellence of natural fascination that leads one to the most exotic joys. The magical mountains and mystical secrets hidden in Zhob district are the best things to reveal. The district plays a big part in tourism industry and the most attractive spot is the Zhob River. The ... Read More »

Sutlej River


Sutlej River is one of those rivers, which are located in the province of Punjab. Among these five popular rivers of Punjab, Sutlej is considered as the largest. The river flows in both India and Pakistan and also makes its way through Punjab’s crossroad region. Sutlej River originates from Himalayan’s North Slope in Tibet. It joins River Chenab at Bahawalpur ... Read More »

Ravi River


Punjab is a house to five beautiful rivers and so it is known as ‘the land of five rivers’. River Ravi is one of these five rivers and flows along the eastern side of Pakistan. The river links two countries; India and Pakistan together and originates from Chamba district of India. The historical names of Ravi River are Iravati and ... Read More »

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