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Gwadar Port

gwadar port

Gwadar became part of Pakistan on 8th September, 1958. After survey of United States Geological Survey on coastline of Gwadar Port, Pakistan identified this place can be a port. So this place was purchased from Oman for 30 Lac US dollars ($3 millions). This port was identified as deep sea port and much beneficial in terms of trade as Ship ... Read More »

Pak-India Relations


Pak-India Relations If people of any particular country want peace in their country then they should maintain good relations with other countries. These relations are made especially with powerful countries of the world as only powerful countries can support a particular country but along the powerful countries of the world it is necessary to maintain good relations with neighboring countries. ... Read More »

Pak-China Relationships

pak-china relations

Pak-China Relationships A country’s existence can’t stay for much longer if the country doesn’t have good relations with some other countries. Relations are mostly built with those countries that are strong and powerful in every aspect such as U.S.A and China. Fortunately Pakistan has good relations with both of the super powers of the world U.S.A and China especially with ... Read More »

Durand Line


Pakistan shares a 16, 10 miles long border with Afghanistan. This border was established in 1893 during the colonial regime. A poorly marked and porous border is one of the longest that Pakistan shares with any country. Henry Mortimer Durand, the then Foreign Secretary of Sub-continent and Amir Abdur Rahman of Afghanistan signed the dotted line to form this border ... Read More »

Pak-Iran Relationships


We can know the Pak-Iran relations better if we go back to Indo-Iranian ancestry, but it is better to count the relationship after the establishment of Pakistan in 1947. The relation between two countries started when Iran became the first country in the whole world to know Pakistan. Iran is considered as the most important neighbor of Pakistan because of ... Read More »

Wahga Border- Indian Border


It is a fine evening and I am standing on Wahga watching the people who have come here to see the place which draws the line between the two nations.. The people are busy in taking their snapshots to make these moments memorable. Some are wandering around to enjoy the bliss of the environment. A deep feel of nationalism on both ... Read More »

Pak-Afghan Relationship


On accords the everlasting relation between Pakistan & Afghanistan started in August 1947 however the bondage of pak-afghan between its people goes beyond Indo-Pak partition due to common religious, cultural, traditional, linguistic and ethnic ties shared on both sides. The common border is 2240 km long and formally known as Durand Line. The fact is that Pakistan’s western border (Afghanistan’s eastern ... Read More »

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